• how to ask a girl out by text

    How to Ask a Girl Out by Text: 10 (Almost) Foolproof Message Templates

    Mobile phones have changed how we communicate. They make it easier to pass a message more so in remote situations. Texting is one of the revolutionary ways of communication at our disposal, courtesy of this device. You get to summarize a lot of information in a short text and send it to a given person(s). In this vein, many people take advantage of the technology to find themselves girlfriends. But does everyone know how to ask a girl out by text? Once you approach a girl you are interested in and shoot your shot, with the best first impression, there are chances that you’ll get her number. Getting the contact…

  • true gentleman

    30 Key Characteristics of a True Gentleman

    Learn how to become a true gentleman with our latest guide. Talking about the character traits that define a real gentleman, we all know that most men are for the all-inclusiveness idea. A high percentage of men on earth the term “true gentleman” only creates a standard that some men can’t or are unwilling to meet. They think of the characteristics of a true gentleman as something they can’t achieve. But honestly, all men are and should not be the same. All of them are a work in progress. This means that the definition of a true gentlemen needs to be redefined to do away with the negative restrictive label.…