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What Does It Mean If a Girl Has a Lot Of Guy Friends? 10 Reasons Why It’s a Good Thing


Well, So you are interested in that girl? Probably yes but she has a lot of guy friends than female ones which leaves you bombarded with questions and imaginations. Even if the guys are just her friends, you are probably not ready for her to be constantly swarmed by other guys.

You may be into her and may not have any trust issues with her but the guys around her are like a pack of wolves. However, don’t let this put you off!

girl has a lot of guy friends

What Does It Mean If a Girl Has a Lot Of Guy Friends?

If a girl has a lot of guy friends, don’t assume it’s a bad thing just because you don’t like the idea of there being other men around.

In the modern-day world picking friends according to their sex should not be the case, instead, consider the benefits and gains you will achieve with that friend. Having a guy as your best friend comes handy with benefits and privileges every girl desires to have. A lot of women have long-lasting relationships with ‘other guys’ knowing they can rely on them anytime they are feeling low and they will protect her when it comes to other guys. 

A male best friend is more of a brother who wants to spend a lot of time with you. He treats you like his sister and can help protect you (especially from other men). Every girl deserves protection and surety that she will not at any time be worried about toxic men. A male best friend will spend quality moments of your life with you and provide lots of laughs. 

Having a male best friend has more benefits than you can ever think of. He will be your most trusted source of facts which will lead you to understand men more and will fill you with more joy than before. Female-male friendships have less drama and are a real refreshment every day. 

What Does It Mean If a Girl Has a Lot Of Guy Friends? Here are 10 reasons why male best friends are the best. 

10 Reasons a Girl Has a lot of Guy Friends

He Will Make you Understand Men Better

A male best friend will make you take a look at things from a man’s point of view – this is every woman’s desire. Probably you have always wanted to know the male mind and have it all inside out. 

Your male friend will tell you everything about men. This will broaden your perspective and give you a different view from other females around you. He is a man himself and he knows the male thinking partners more than you do. Advice from him will make you understand how men think, hence easy to predict behavior. 

He will fill you with advice and in-thoughts to help you win that guy, understand your guy better and even handle your relationship drama with ease.

girl has a lot of guy friends

He Will Offer You Protection

Men are naturally protective of women. The care and love for you will win you more protection and support from him. He will always have a shoulder for you to cry on when the outside gets tough. 

The guy will see you as his little sister and will never want any man attributed to your tears. Since he values you, he will never allow any man to play with your feelings. Having a sense of security cannot be compared to anything else.

He is Your Critic and Keeps You On Track

Having someone who is your critic with less to no sense of offensiveness is the best thing in the world. Your guy’s best friend will be your biggest critic in every step you take and will express it to you in a way you will appreciate.

He will be a perfect balance and will keep you grounded when you fly too high. He will comfort you whenever you are feeling low. The best way to improve this is by serving him with the same treatment.

He Will Listen

Another reason a girl has a lot of guy friends is that they can be good listeners. No matter to what extent you tease each other, you are sure to have someone to explain your day in the evening. You are sure of someone who is ready to listen to you and stand with you on every occasion.

You can as well have this type of friendship with other females but chances are that something will go wrong since girls are more sensitive and have more complex minds.

He Will Be Honest With You

Any guy best friend always values his current state in your life and will not have to present himself as better than he is. The guy does not have intentions to transform your friendship into a romance and will always serve you with hard-hitting truth no matter the pain it may pose to you. 

He will never sweet talk you but rather will be frank with you since he always wants the best for you. Another reason why a girl has a lot of guy friends.

He Will Unleash Your Inner Dude

When you are used to spending time with your male best friend, you will start behaving like one with less fear of being seen as weird. You will be able to chill out often without worrying about him misinterpreting you. 

When you are hanging out with a group of girls, you will be cautious of breaking some girl- rules and worry about them seeing you weird.

You Will Be Sure Of His Help

Having a male best friend means you have someone to count on in whatever wave is facing you. Whether it is comfort with a person around you you need or chores in your house, he will be there for you. This is someone you will give a call in the middle of the night and expect him to show up in no time. 

He will never be mean to offer you advice and hear you out too. He will not demean you based on your problems but will rather forge solutions to help you overcome them. 

There Is Less Drama

No matter your disagreement on this – hanging out with women will deep you in more drama as compare dro men. With a male best friend, you expect less to no drama, which is exactly what you need. 

However, this does not mean that you will not disagree and argue with your male best friend, but even in such situations, he will not hold any grudge against you to seek revenge. Having a girl best friend will always have you bothered if she is jealous of you, something that you are sure won’t happen with your male best friend. 

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He Is Ready For All Sorts Of Convos On Phone

Even in the middle of the night, your male best friend will be ready for illogical convos over the phone. Whenever you have sleepless moments you will know it is an opportune time to call him and have weird conversations with him. You will be more comfortable since you understand each other more than anyone else. 

what does it mean if a girl has a lot of guy friends

You Are Not Worried About Annoying Him

Being with someone you are worried about annoying is the most annoying moment of all. You will always be on the lookout not to trip their feelings. With your male best friend, you are sure of poking and teasing each other without fear of annoying.

Most of your time together will be filled with laughs, conspiracy theory talks, and other earthly wonders. This, being part of your daily routine will make you comfortable and open to him always with no fear of offending him.

Having a male best friend simply means having someone by your side whenever you need them. He is someone to laugh with in the bright moments as well as comfort each other in the dark. A guy friend makes you enjoy every moment of your life with less fear.

We hope you’ve found our answers to what does it mean if a girl has a lot of guy friends helpful!

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