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About Me

Blogging has been my only love since forever. I feel lucky to run a website which serves solution to real-world problems. Despite having a decade long experience in home makeovers, I learn every day. My readers keep on updating me with new ideas and suggestions for improved articles. It’s a pleasure to impact the lives of thousands of people worldwide. I feel a great responsibility in publishing only authentic content. Unlike many other design websites, I do not rely on plagiarism for new articles. Everything you read and observe in this blog is either my experience or legitimate stories of my readers.

Talking about my early days, I was raised in multiple cities. In my journey through entire Middle America and parts of Hawaii, I learned various cultures and their living styles. Each one of them had a unique architectural speciality that made their homes amazing. Thus, I still use that knowledge to handle my projects. It’s been like a blessing in disguise as I can comprehend and write about many designing practices unknown to mainstream media. I have realized that a mix match of different living styles is not only charming but also more functional than regular homes.

But, I never thought of becoming a professional home improvement guru. I was more concerned about getting a scholarship for college. Unluckily, I could not make it to the top, and my dreams of becoming a graduate were shattered. I spent the next five years working small jobs to fix my bills. It was the darkest part of my life as I spent days doing nothing.  Being unproductive was not an issue for me, but living without a life goal surely hurt my feelings. Anyway, I came out of the troubles with the help of my beloved friend Bryan Lenon.

I met him at a night club when I used to work in Detroit. He was a cool guy, and I did not have any issue in getting comfortable with him. Later that night, he revealed that his home restoration company was in search of an experienced designer. Even though I knew nothing about the job, the desire to makeover houses was too much to curb. I asked him to try my skills, and he promptly agreed. That night was the change I was in hunt off. I agreed to his term and conditions and started working in the New York based company.

Initially, I couldn’t comprehend anything besides making connections with my colleagues. My sorry condition was not acceptable in the business world. I thought that my new life had ended before getting a start until Bryan took me under his wings. For the next two years, he educated me about the entirety of home decoration and renovation. With time I developed my skills and eventually started to deal with new clients. It was then I thought about the millions of people who were unable to receive my advice. These were people who could not afford a personal advice session from the professionals.

Thus, I came up with the idea of starting a blog. The website would deal with any and everything related to home and lifestyle. However, it was easier said than done as I did not have a background in blog management. Down the line, I met a few clients who were into website construction. They agreed to create an industry-standard blog for my cause. Due to the personal understanding of the issue, they created the replica of my thoughts. It was then I started to write articles about decorating, designing and maintaining homes.

In the first few months, the website could not generate decent traffic. My efforts were being overlooked by the readers. Finally, I decided to add new and popular categories in the blog. Slowly, the traffic increased, and my blog reached new heights. I became proficient in connecting with my readers, who advised and criticized me at the same time.

It’s time that I thank every person who has contributed to the creation and management of this website. Your efforts are priceless, and I hope that you will keep showing love for the website. I will make sure that my blog becomes better with each article that I post here and gives you enriching and valuable information too.

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