• how to respond when a girl says she is busy

    How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy: 10 Responses that Don’t Sound Desperate

    The dating scene always has its challenges. One in particular, is navigating how to respond when a girl says she is busy. Sometimes women like to see you put the effort in and play the game of being hard to get. This can leave you feeling confused and unsure how to respond when a girl says she is busy. How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy Women love to play this game. Many of them even though being attracted to these men, still keep them guessing, enjoying the thrill of the chase. This only leads to more confusion, desperation, and a dilemma for the men.  However, in…

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    Does Being Persistent with a Girl Work? The Pros and Cons of Persistence

    Every man who is dating or married will agree that persistence on a girl you are interested in pays off. However, you should be careful not to persist when she is not interested. Most girls will not respond well to comments made by strangers. A polite, relaxed introduction may break the ice. It is also a sign of respect. Some guys have a habit of bumping into a girl and asking her out without greetings or introduction. Does Being Persistent with a Girl Work How you introduce yourself will determine the direction of your conversation. Avoid bragging as it may lead to automatic rejection. Making comments solely about her appearance…

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    How to be Persistent with a Girl You Like Without Coming Off as a Creep

    How to be Persistent with a Girl You Like? Many guys do not know how to draw a line between being persistent and being creepy. Some men show their interest too much and become disturbing. Others avoid persistence, so they don’t appear scary. Persistence is not pushy; neither is it needy. It merely is showing interest in knowing a girl and allowing her to reciprocate. Being too pushy to one girl will make you appear like a creep. How to be Persistent with a Girl You Like It is important to be that guy that is persistent in the right way. You don’t want this golden chance to escape you.…

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    Dating a Woman with Trust Issues? 10 Ways to Make Her Feel More Secure

    Women with trust issues do not believe those good things can happen to them, especially in love. Dating a Woman with Trust Issues Having trust issues in a relationship usually means that one is not comfortable being vulnerable with or counting on another person. When a woman claims to have trust issues, it means that she cannot let go and relax in a relationship. They need extra validation when opening up emotionally because they have been screwed over many times and they do not want to go through the same situation again. On the other hand, it does not mean that one cannot have a happy and fulfilling relationship. Signs…

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    20 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

    Our guide to things every bachelor pad needs has got you covered! Every man indeed dreams of having a killer bachelor pad that others crave to visit. Making your pad that desirable place will certainly get everyone hyped. How do you get it to reach such levels? Well, first of all, you must maintain it clean. Then it should be modern, with all sophisticated home equipment and essentials. Ladies will want to visit and your guys will wish they had it. Men, the conversation around this is the same over and over because the difficulty lies in figuring out what to put in your bachelor pad. Fortunately, this article brings…

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    Best Outdoor Life Books for Men Who Want To Experience Nature

    If there are old things that have stood the test of time, then they have to be outdoor life books and adventure books. The reason they have refused to go away easily is that they are legitimate masterpieces that cover what men love best – outdoor activities for example travel, fishing, backpacking, hunting, and adventure. It’s worth noting that we cannot measure the success of men outdoor books by the number of awards they have scooped, but rather by the miles they take us. How they shape your imagination is what matters the most. At times, reading a travel article can get as transformative as the adventure itself, right? Well,…

  • how to ask a girl out by text

    How to Ask a Girl Out by Text: 10 (Almost) Foolproof Message Templates

    Mobile phones have changed how we communicate. They make it easier to pass a message more so in remote situations. Texting is one of the revolutionary ways of communication at our disposal, courtesy of this device. You get to summarize a lot of information in a short text and send it to a given person(s). In this vein, many people take advantage of the technology to find themselves girlfriends. But does everyone know how to ask a girl out by text? Once you approach a girl you are interested in and shoot your shot, with the best first impression, there are chances that you’ll get her number. Getting the contact…

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    Top 5 Cool Garage Gadgets to Buy for Your Convenience

    Most garages have basic tools that get things done. But there are other cool garage gadgets you might be lacking that could be very useful. These are not necessarily key in performing tasks in your garage but very essential in making your experiences better and operations more seamless. Your garage is not just a storage space for your car but also provides a workspace and a place to relax. But then there are some gadgets that you can add to your garage and make it more convenient and fun to use. That means a lot. If it has to serve the purpose you need to add a few extras. Yes, a few cool…

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    Great Apps to Make Work from Home Easy

    Introduction Work is not something that is always easily found and a steady job even less so. Regardless of whether you are fresh out of school or a mom of three looking to rejoin the workforce, the prospects can appear slim. Today, however, freelancing and working from home are great ways to earn money. Still, another problem can creep in. How do you stay focused? How to avoid getting distracted when your favorite hobby, your TV and your pets are all practically screaming for attention? Choose an interesting line of work to never lose your focus I have been employed as a freelancer for well over ten years, so I…

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    Can’t Find a Career That Interests You? Learn How to Find Your Dream Job

    Find your dream job with our guide to turning your working life around. Getting a job is a dream for many on their path to being financially independent. There is also the fun part of the job where you get engaged in something gives you the thrill and ultimately a purpose to life. The problem, however, is when you can’t find a career that interests you. Finding a suitable career is not a walk in the park and needs careful analysis and sorting for you to find your dream job. If stuck in a rut in your present workplace or you are in need of a change, then this piece…