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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Staycation for Your Summer Holiday


With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your much-anticipated summer holiday. While the allure of jetting off to exotic destinations may be strong, and it may seem like everyone is doing it, there’s a compelling alternative that’s worth considering – a staycation!

Be it a Devon holiday park or Manchester serviced apartment, staycations allow you to explore what’s on your doorstep. We’ll explore five reasons why staying closer to home should be at the top of your list for a memorable and fun summer holiday.

  1. You’ll discover local gems

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the incredible attractions and hidden gems that exist a couple of hours down the road. A staycation gives you the opportunity to rediscover your local area and explore its beauty and cultural landmarks. The UK has over 4000 castles, around 1500 beaches and almost 2000 museums, offering endless places to visit and explore. Whether it’s a charming countryside town, a scenic walk or a picturesque sandy beach, you’ll be surprised by the treasures you can uncover close to home. 

  1. Save some money (and the environment)

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of choosing a staycation is its cost-effectiveness. By avoiding expensive return flights and accommodation, you can save a significant amount of money and use some of it towards other activities and experiences. Treat yourself to a gourmet pub lunch or indulge in a spa day. The money you save can create lasting and unforgettable memories you’ll cherish. 

Additionally, air travel puts a lot of strain on the environment, so swapping flights for somewhere on your doorstep means you’ll see new places and scenery with a clear conscience. 

  1. Support local businesses

By picking a staycation, you can support local businesses and contribute to the growth of communities and the economy. By dining in local restaurants, shopping at independent boutiques, and staying in locally-owned hotels or campsites, you’re directly supporting the local economy. 

  1. Take your pets with you! 

Instead of leaving your furry friend at home, booking a staycation means you can take them with you. Finding dog-friendly accommodation is becoming more and more common today, but you still might need to do a little bit of research to find the best option for you. 

You and your pup can go out on long walks fully immersed in the countryside and create great memories. 

  1. It’s flexible and convenient

Planning a staycation offers a level of flexibility and convenience that international travel often lacks. You can create your own schedule that suits your preferences without having to worry about catching that train or plane. 

Whether you want to explore local attractions, relax on the beach, or head out on windy adventures, you can design the perfect itinerary that aligns with you. 

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