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Dating a Woman with Trust Issues? 10 Ways to Make Her Feel More Secure


Women with trust issues do not believe those good things can happen to them, especially in love.

Dating a Woman with Trust Issues

Having trust issues in a relationship usually means that one is not comfortable being vulnerable with or counting on another person.

When a woman claims to have trust issues, it means that she cannot let go and relax in a relationship.

They need extra validation when opening up emotionally because they have been screwed over many times and they do not want to go through the same situation again.

On the other hand, it does not mean that one cannot have a happy and fulfilling relationship.

dating a woman with trust issues

Signs of a woman with trust issues

How do you know if one has trust issues or a genuine concern that you might be betraying her?

Well, here are some signs one portrays knowingly and at times unknowingly when that feeling of doubt clouds her mind.

She struggles with emotions

This type of Woman at times she finds herself having an emotional swing and feeling vulnerable, the reason behind the swing is always a hard nut to crack.

To deal with this one uses meditation, mindfulness, and self-awareness as tools to help her deal with the situation.

The fight-or-flight feeling

Another feeling that comes up is the fight-or-flight feeling. This feeling comes up when one feels insecure when one feels like you are about to leave her or you are being unfaithful.

On these grounds, one gets the urge to get out of the relationship to protect herself, having it in mind that, she should leave before it all gets wrong, or before you leave her.

Pushing you away

A woman with trust issues struggles to get close to someone else. She at times pushes away people or her partner that she likes, why? This is because she is afraid of getting hurt like in the previous relationship. One finds it a lot easier to be in a relationship at an arm’s length because then she cannot get hurt! 

Assuming the worst

A woman with trust issues, always assumes the worst and starts to panic, this results in picking fights over little things. This is often because she’s worried you might change your mind or cheat on her. In addition to that, every missed call or every time you seem tired or withdrawn makes her jump into the worst possible conclusion.

Tips for Dating a Woman with Trust Issues

dating a woman with trust issues

Making a woman with trust issues feel that aside from being loved and appreciated, she can also live peacefully and without her heart not being broken is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of effort and patience to assure her that whatever you have between the two of you, is a ride or die kind of relationship. But how exactly can you make her feel secure, appreciated and loved? Here are some of the ways you can use to nail it;

Do not give her any reason not to trust you

Temptations are real and one understands that they are hard to resist, but on the other hand, is an insecure girlfriend who needs assurance that her fragile heart is in safe hands.

A man in love, you should always remind yourself that you have a responsibility to say no and walk out of the things and circumstances that can hurt the person you love. Some of the things that will raise an eye burrow and convince her never to trust you again, includes; cheating, keeping secrets and telling lies. 

She might forgive, but it would be just a matter of time until everything that you have done come back haunting her, reminding her that she should not believe in everything you say, and by that time, there will be the cloud of doubts, even if whatever you are saying is the sincere truth.

For example, if you find the food she has cooked is gross, do not tell her that it is the most tantalizing delicacy you have ever eaten. Give her your complete and utter honesty.

Forgive her shortcomings and embrace her imperfections 

Dating a woman with trust issues is in other terms handling a fragile heart. A woman will never feel secure in a relationship were her boo does not give closure on the unintentional mistakes she has done in the past. If so, she will live each minute remembering what she did wrong. This will make her anxious, wondering and thinking that maybe there will come a time that whatever happened will be enough reason to end the relationship. 

Never let her feel that her imperfection is a factor that can lead to the destruction of what you share. If anything, always pull her close and let her know that you accept her for who she is. Give her the assurance she needs, let her feel that she does not have to change a thing and that in your eyes she is special just the way she is.

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Do not take her for granted especially in public

Taking someone for granted means that you underestimate the value of that person. Never make her feel that she is being taken for granted. Doing this causes heartbreaks, and it also makes her feel you would rather pay attention to other things or people. 

For example, you invite your shy and timid girlfriend for a time out with your friends, later in the evening you forgot that you brought her with you, you are having fun, dancing and drinking while she sits alone in a corner and feels out of place, this will end up breaking her heart and eventually she ends up with a broken heart.

Introduce her to your circle and to your family too

Letting her into your life makes one feel that she is important and that you are proud to be in a relationship with her. This is one of the most important steps when you’re dating a woman with trust issues. Introducing her to the most important people in your family makes her feel special, this will surely make her feel very happy.

Compliment Her Regularly

This will make her feel special in every way, telling her how gorgeous she is in her outfits, reminds her that you chose her because you saw something special in her. Complimenting is a key part of dating a woman with trust issues, as it will boost her confidence and assures her that she is irreplaceable in your heart.

Let her know she can always count on you

A feeling of security comes with the thought that she has you to lean on, this makes her feel that aside from being a lover, you can also be a good friend and offer a shoulder to lean on when times get tougher.

Being with her during the toughest times in her life makes her feel secure emotionally, and assures her that the relationship is strongly anchored. Stay focused on your goals while still doing your part us a lover and a friend

Feeling secure is also spiced up with the thought that you have a bright future for the two of you. For example, let her know you have your own individual goals, that you are moving mountains to create a beautiful and secure future both financially and emotionally.

One of the best things you can do when dating a woman with trust issues, is to show that you’re thinking about the long term by talking about future plans. This will reassure her that you want to be together for decades to come, living happily and comfortably in the life that you have created. 

Always Offer a listening ear

You both have the right to express your deepest emotional thoughts and doing this often as a couple can help you guys get to an understanding. Do not hesitate to open up too, because this will create a strong connection in the relationship.

When you’re dating a woman with trust issues, communication is even more important. She won’t enjoy having to guess how you’re feeling, and giving her the silent treatment to avoid an argument will only make her worry more.

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Say no to other people’s advances

Remember you are someone who is in a relationship and it’s normal to meet new people and make friends but you must always be sensitive and observant, especially when dating a woman with trust issues.

Know the differences between friendliness and flirting do not entertain obvious advances from people. Be strong enough to politely decline and keep a respectful boundary.

dating a woman with trust issues

Turn your back to the past and focus on your present

Let go of the past and focus on what is in front of you. Forget about the past heartbreaks, past love and everything that will make her feel that you are not living in the present. Accept your new life, new love and the new future set for you. 

The last thing you want to do is to make your woman feel insecure because the repercussions will always be more serious and this will lead to a devastating blow on your relationship.

When you’re dating a woman with trust issues, your focus should be to reassure her and let her know how you feel about her, so she doesn’t have to worry about feeling jealous, paranoid or unworthy.

Always be genuinely committed and sincerely faithful to the promises you make to her. Remember that she loves you too, at times she acts the way she does because she does not want to end up with her heart broken.

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