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Does Being Persistent with a Girl Work? The Pros and Cons of Persistence


Every man who is dating or married will agree that persistence on a girl you are interested in pays off. However, you should be careful not to persist when she is not interested because then you may find yourself needing a good lawyer, such as those at Ankin Law Office.

Most girls will not respond well to comments made by strangers. A polite, relaxed introduction may break the ice. It is also a sign of respect. Some guys have a habit of bumping into a girl and asking her out without greetings or introduction.

Does Being Persistent with a Girl Work

does being persistent with a girl work

How you introduce yourself will determine the direction of your conversation. Avoid bragging as it may lead to automatic rejection.

Making comments solely about her appearance will make her think you are only after one thing. Direct your focus elsewhere. Anything like discussing hobbies and interests shows some maturity. You will have a chance to observe her body language and calculate your next move.

Studies have proven that, when a man is attracted to a woman, he thinks the woman reciprocates. The thought is usually misleading. Only a conversation-or two- can help you identify a girl that likes you. 

Do not approach a girl with too much confidence. Rejection can lead to desperation. Be ready for any response; it helps in your reaction afterward. Overconfidence can make you a chaser- a trait loathed by most girls.

When a girl rejects you for the first time, it does not mean fate is sealed. Go back to the drawing board and re-strategize.

Your second move may be appealing to her, or maybe she was testing if you will make another attempt. If she still rejects you on the third attempt, perhaps she meant it. Just leave her alone.

How to Be Persistent to Get the Girl

The first and second attempts may not get you the girl you admire, which is when you might start to wonder, does being persistent with a girl work?

Realistically, you might need some more time to win her over. 

Many guys quit at the second attempt. But are two times enough?

If you can observe her body language, you may know whether she wants you to leave or stick around.

Girls will reject guys as a strategy of knowing them. Your reaction after a rejection will expose your character and personality. 

A wise person will back off, then keep her as just a friend. Do not revisit the issue until you are sure she has got to know you. Being around her and her friends will help her see the real you.

After the initial rejection, do not spam her mailbox with persistent messages or jam her phone with constant calls! Nobody enjoys that. If you must text, make it occasional and light hearted.

A friendly and witty guy will win a girl easily; therefore, rejection should not freak you out. 

Approach her when she is in a group of friends. It will enable her to create a connection with you without being afraid.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Persistence

Does being persistent with a girl work? It can do, if you follow the do’s and don’ts below!


  1. Have Manners. You should understand that people have different likes and dislikes. Not every girl will like you. Approaching her without an overconfidence attitude will help you get her.
  2. Attempt three times. Is will help you know if she genuinely wants you off her life. You will have no regret of quitting too soon.
  3. Give her space. In between the attempts, give her space to think about your request and always respect signals that she isn’t interested.
  4. Be ready to accept and adjust when your persistence is not bearing fruits. Accept the outcome. 
  5. Suggest evening walks. Another exciting way to get to know each other is by going on walks. The idea of meeting you in a public space will be more welcome than a private meeting. 
  6. Respect her boundaries. The girl you are trying to win over is likely to let you know her boundaries, vocally and through body language. Get to know her limits and respect them. It will be very uncomfortable walking while holding a girl’s hand when she is against the idea. Let her enjoy her space until she shows signs she’s interested.
  7. Be nice. No one wants to be around rude and arrogant people.
does being persistent with a girl work


  1. Over-persistent. When the girl is not interested, do not bother her. Applying persistence when she is not responsive will freak her out. 
  2. Overconfidence. As much as all girls are fascinated by confidence, overdoing it will get you nowhere.
  3. Over-communication. An initial message and follow up message are enough. She will reply if and when she wants to talk to you.
  4. Over rely on social media. In this digital era, it is possible to spot a girl on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms. If a girl rejects you but keeps you as a friend, you can ask for her phone number or ask her out on a friendly date. It does not hurt trying. If all you do is rely on social media, she might think you are doing the same with different girls.
  5. Rush the end game. As much as you have your endgame in mind, it is essential to take things slow. Rushing things will make create a feeling you will disappear after a few interactions. Go slow and let them gain confidence in you
  6. Thinking you are irresistible. One of the greatest mistakes guys do is to believe they are admirably irresistible. A very wrong mindset. Every girl is attracted to different types of guys. One girl will find you desirable; another one thinks you are unattractive. Before you approach anyone’s daughter, Remember they have a right to accept or reject you.
  7. Ask too much questions. Try to get to know her with light hearted conversation topics that could lead to deeper conversations.

Pros and Cons of Persistence

If you’re wondering does being persistent with a girl work, it’s worth taking the pros and cons into consideration.


  1. It shows seriousness. As we said earlier, a girl may reject you the first time to see if you’re serious about pursuing her. Your second attempt will confirm to her that you are really are interested. Nowadays, girls don’t want to be with time wasters.
  2. It gives a girl reasons to think about you. If you step back after your first attempt, chances are this girl will forget about you. Remember, you are not the only guy interested in her. A little persistence keeps you ahead of your competition.
  3. It melts a hardened heart. When a guy perfects the art of persistence, he increases the chances of getting the most difficult heart. Getting closer to her slowly but persistently will ease the tension she initially had. Be sure not to annoy her, but don’t give her a chance to forget you.
  4. It helps you improve your attitude. Because you want to win her heart, you always maintain a positive attitude. The practice of a positive mindset will help you view other aspects of life positively. You will understand that good things come with input and focus. You will be able to appreciate many things people take for granted. It will transform you into a better man.


  1. If you’re always wondering does being persistent with a girl work, you might need to consider pursing girls that show a clear interest in you. Continued rejection may lower your self-esteem, and you could just be choosing the wrong people for you.
  2. Some girls do not like chasers. Persisting when they have said no may make you lose her forever.
  3. You may be labeled a creep. Especially when you have not mastered the art of persistence on a girl, you may freak out a prospective girl.
  4. Persistence may prove her fears about you. Probably the girl rejected you because they think you are the nagging type. When you fail to step back when she asks you to, her fears will be confirmed.
does being persistent with a girl work

So, Does Being Persistent with a Girl Work?

Persistence can pay off, when you respect boundaries, work on building a connection and judge the situation logically.

Mastering the art of persistence cam keep you ahead of your competitors – it will increase your chances of winning her heart.

When it comes to finding out does being persistent with a girl work, a positive mindset and respectful attitude are what you need.

If you’ve enjoyed this guide to does being persistent with a girl work, don’t miss our guide to how to respond to a girl when she says she’s busy. Read more here!

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