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How to be Persistent with a Girl You Like Without Coming Off as a Creep


How to be Persistent with a Girl You Like? Many guys do not know how to draw a line between being persistent and being creepy. Some men show their interest too much and become disturbing. Others avoid persistence, so they don’t appear scary.

Persistence is not pushy; neither is it needy. It merely is showing interest in knowing a girl and allowing her to reciprocate. Being too pushy to one girl will make you appear like a creep.

How to be Persistent with a Girl You Like

It is important to be that guy that is persistent in the right way. You don’t want this golden chance to escape you.

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Chatting with a girl you like is a sure way to connect. In the initial stages of your interactions, she may be reluctant; your persistence of creepiness is what will determine the direction the communication will take.

When using the message technique, only use a maximum of three messages. When a girl doesn’t reply, call it quits. Sending too many messages will only send a negative impression about you.

While persistence ism very attractive and soothing to the heart, being creepy will start to annoy any girl. There are high chances that a girl will block a creepy guy from all social media platforms and on their phone numbers.

How to Master Good Persistence

As we have seen above, persistence and creepiness are quite similar. Therefore, any guy needs to research and practice ways to be persistent without being creepy. Below are some tips you may apply to master positive persistence.

Maintain a Positive Mentality

Rejection can make a guy judge himself wrongly. When he took a step to approach the girl, he hoped the girl would accept him. However, this is not always the case.

Your reaction and action after the initial response will make the girl like or loathe you.

One way to ensure you maintain a positive mentality is wanting the girl without needing her. In such a scenario, a guy is ready for any kind of reaction from the girl. 

Your subconscious thoughts determine how you relate with others. If you have a certain mentality about girls – or certain types of girls – it will be hard for you to connect with them.

When you approach a girl and start criticizing other women, she will not take it kindly.

The right approach to a girl, if knowing her first, struggling to impress a total stranger makes you look desperate and a total creep.

Read Body Language

When you approach a girl for the first time, there are high chances she will reject you. Her action does not necessarily mean she does not like you. 

Be self-aware and analyze her body language. Her non-verbal cues will hint on whether she likes you or not. 

When you realize a girl is not comfortable around you, give her space. It will increase her trust and confidence in you.

This is one of the best approaches to how to be persistent with a girl you like.

Do Not Force a Conversation When She is Not Interested

You need to understand that not all girls will be interested in talking to you. She might be in the middle of a crisis, simply isn’t attracted to you or isn’t comfortable talking to strangers.

If she is trying to make you go away, just go. Do not make things more difficult for her. This is the key thing to remember when it comes to how to be persistent with a girl you like.

Many guys think they are witty, handsome, and funny; hence, no girl can reject them. It is a huge misconception. No woman s compelled to talk to you for any reason. If she is not ready to give you attention, leave her space.

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Don’t Be Overconfident

Confidence is a good thing. It is lovely for most girls. It is every girl’s dream to be with a confident partner.

Fear is very unattractive. Do not show a girl you are afraid of approaching her. Do possess some degree of confidence without being overconfident — excessive confidence results in arrogance, which is a major turn-off. 

How you apply this confidence when approaching her will hint her of your character.

Being too confident can portray you as controlling. Everyone wants their freedom. Control is the last thing anyone would wish upon themselves.

Learn to accept no as an answer. The thoughts that you are popular may override you. It leads to arrogance, which is very harmful- and creepy.

Avoid Controversial Topics

When you want to break the ice, choose wisely the topics to discuss. When it comes to how to be persistent with a girl you like, it’s best to start off with light and funny conversation..

Striking sensitive conversations will put off a girl. Any attempt to be persistent will bear no fruit. You will end up being creepy. The girl will feel insecure around you.

Stick to topics that will not stir up debate.

Be Aware of the Environment

You will spot a girl you like in any kind of environment, but how you approach her will leave an impact- positive or negative.

If the environment is not conducive for a seductive conversation, just make a short introduction and leave. It would be very creepy if a guy is insisting on a dialogue in a burial set-up, or a gym, or a library, especially when the girl is not interested.

If that short conversation turns out well and you get her contact, follow up with a message later. This is how to be persistent with a girl you like, in a positive and respectful way.

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Maintain Eye Contact

When you strike your first conversation with a girl. Look her in the eyes without shying off. Avoid being timid at all costs. 

Darting your eyes all over the place is an indication you are nervous; persisting with a conversation when you nervous will make you a creep. Any girl will not be comfortable around you.

Avoid staring at her with solid unblinking eyes. It will make her feel like she is under some kind of scrutiny. Look at her with warm and smiling eyes. It will make her feel comfortable and appreciated.

Types of Persistence

There are two significant types of persistence. One is the active persistence, and the other is passive persistence. The categories differ from the method of interaction. Let us look at both types and the results they might bring.

Active Persistence

Active persistence basically means that you actively persist in interacting with a girl. Sometimes, persistence helps men gets the girl.

However, you should be aware that there is a difference between persistence with a girl who is interested, and persisting to pursue someone who isn’t interested.

If a girl is uncomfortable or tells you she isn’t interested, you should respect her decision and stop pursuing her.

Give the girl space in between the moves. It will allow her to reflect and reflect on your previous moves. 

Verbal persistence gives you a higher chance of winning her. It will also be evident when she does not want anything to do with you, hence no chance of being creepy.

Passive Persistence

In this kind of persistence, a guy who has faced rejection steps back. They continue with his stuff near her without paying attention to her. It is not an indication of giving up, but rather a persistence strategy.

Pick conversations with other girls around her. Let her see how girls fall for you.  A short-term plan to show her you have other dating options can work perfectly. She will start visualizing what she is missing. However, overdoing it will push her further away from you. 

At times, you will realize she is just testing you. Ignore her for some time; the next time you approach her, she will comply.  

Passive persistence makes a girl miss the attention you were giving her. It will eventually melt away all the resistance she had towards you.

Persistence in a passive way will confirm to a girl you are not desperate. It will also rule out any instance of creepiness. It is the safest method to apply.

However, you risk losing the girl you are interested in. If she is the jealous type, she may never want to be near you after seeing you with other women.

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Conclusion on How to be Persistent with a Girl You Like

After going through the above points, you can now draw the line between persistence and creepiness for how to be persistent with a girl you like.

Do not repeat the same mistake of annoying a girl with texts as a way of gaming her. It is creepy; it is weird.

Being persistent is a good thing. However, being over persistent or harassing a woman is not the way to go about it. Learn to give space when it is needed. 

Mastering to read the non-verbal cues will save you a lot of energy chasing uninterested girls.

Lastly, when one girl rejects you, remember there are other girls out there who might be interested in you. The world does not end at rejection!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to how to be persistent with a girl you like.

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