how to respond when a girl says she is busy

How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy: 10 Responses that Don’t Sound Desperate

The dating scene always has its challenges. One in particular, is navigating how to respond when a girl says she is busy.

Sometimes women like to see you put the effort in and play the game of being hard to get. This can leave you feeling confused and unsure how to respond when a girl says she is busy.

How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy

Women love to play this game. Many of them even though being attracted to these men, still keep them guessing, enjoying the thrill of the chase.

This only leads to more confusion, desperation, and a dilemma for the men.  However, in the midst of all this, they do want to come out as desperate and clingy, a turn off for most women. Most men would rather give up the chase altogether than face rejection, which most of them fear most.

There are several tactics for how to respond when a girl says she is busy.

how to respond when a girl says she is busy

Is She Genuinely Playing hard to get game and not busy as she claims to be?

It is very easy for a man to confuse being busy and playing hard to get a game. Since they are closely intertwined. Hence one might not know the difference.

Does she have a busy schedule or not? If so, how will you finally get to meet her and take her on a date to pour your heart out? Do you stand a chance with her? These are some key questions that you should be asking yourself before you embark on your conquest journey. 

Steps for How to Respond to a Girl When She Says She is Busy

Get Her to Notice You

The first bit of advice on our guide to how to respond to a girl when she says she is busy, is to get her to notice you.

In normal circumstances, when she gives out the all-clear signal that she is interested in you, then it is time to approach her and see how it goes.

However if you do not get a go-ahead signal from her, then all you have to do is wait until you get it. Who knows, it might be sooner than later.

If she is genuinely interested in you, you will see it in the long run. Unlike a genuine woman, one who plays hard to get will most likely give you no signal at all.

Send her a message or if you often see her in person, strike up an interesting conversation when you can.

Once you’ve caught her attention, don’t make a move too soon. This will hopefully mean she’s started to notice you and feel intrigued because you haven’t come on too strong.

Don’t Do Too Much Texting 

Now that you are smitten and in hot pursuit of the girl of your dreams and full of excitement, even though you will be tempted to flood her inbox with romantic texts, it is important to keep it at a minimum, lest you are seen as desperate.

Between the two of you, who is texting the other more? If you are the one doing all the texting, then you need to retrace your steps and strategize. 

You are the needy party here. She will see you as desperate and clingy, which might turn her off however much interest she has in you. As a man, chances are that you will lose valuable points towards your heartthrob.  

When it comes to how to respond when a girl says she is busy, you should always be tactful about it no matter the temptation to text her constantly.

Are you on the same wavelength? Keep your text messages at a bare minimum to keep her guessing, until you’re receiving a similar level of interest back from her.

Keep Some Level of Independence  

If you’re wondering how to respond to a girl when she says she is busy, one of the best things you can do is wait patiently and keep busy in the meantime. Showing her you have your own hobbies and interests will intrigue a woman who likes to keep busy.

The two of you need space for personal growth and independence. It also helps to build confidence and send the message that the two of you can be independent of each other for a considerable amount of time.

To facilitate your independence, you should engage yourselves in the things that bring joy to your lives. It could be a hobby, a favorite sport, reading your favorite book, or just relaxing. Such engagements will draw you closer to each other and reaffirm your support for each other and the way you relate.

Your First Date

Now that you have her number and have asked her out on a date, you should be patient enough to see if she will respond. All you have to do now is wait and hope for the best.

If she says she is too busy, try and pick another day to go out on your date. If she’s interested, she should seem interested in finding a day that works for you both.

how to respond when a girl says she is busy

Remember to look for the signs that will tell you if she is genuinely playing hard to get or just plain disinterested. Hopefully, if you follow our advice for how to respond when a girl says she is busy, you may end up having your first date.

Do Not Be Too Nice

Avoid being Mr. Nice for too long. This is because you run the risk of the other party taking advantage of you.

If you’re looking for how to respond to a girl when she says she is busy, you need to consider taking a step back if she says she is too busy several times in a row.

Know when and where to draw the line, even in your pursuit of happiness. 


Are you the kind of person who is always available at every beck and call? This will be portrayed as total desperation and that you do not have anything meaningful going on in your life.

The key to how to respond when a girl says she is busy is to show her you’re not always available either. Actions always speak louder than words and the more you remain aloof, the more the other party will want to get to know you.

The most important thing during the initial stages of any relationship is how you set your boundaries. It sets the precedence on how you will treat each other henceforth. It brings about a culture of respect in the relationship as well. 

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You Should Always Learn to Let Go

Not many people are good at this. After investing all their time and resources into the relationship, they cannot believe that is now over.

And that they will have to let go. Always give yourself some room for yourself, a place where you will fall back on just in case the inevitable happens. 

You are solely responsible for your happiness that is why it is always very important to let go if the relationship does not work out.

Or you might portray yourself as being the desperate and clingy type or worse off, a psycho. Always know your boundaries and have an exit strategy.  

Have Friends on Your Side 

Even amid your new-found love, your friends are an integral part of your life. Always keep them as they will always be there for you when things go south.

When you leave your friends for your new-found love, you send a message of someone desperate and not loyal to their friends who have stood by them.

how to respond when a girl says she is busy

Always create time for them even in the middle of your romantic escapades. Someone desperate will ditch their friends to be with their date. This is not what you want to happen to you.

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Confidence All The way

When you are confident, it means that you can take charge of your life and not leave someone else to make all the decisions concerning your relationship.

Women love men who exude confidence in themselves and what they do. And can hold their fort in times of difficulties.

Never Be Rude

The last tip on our list of how to respond when a girl says she is busy is to never be rude.

She might agree to go on a date, pick your calls, however, up until now, she has not warmed up to you yet. Don’t take rejection too personally and never be rude.

Whether she wants to keep dating you or not, it’s important to respect her decision and boundaries, just as you want women to respect yours too.

how to respond to a girl when she says she is busy

Be patient, and let nature take its course. Leave yourself open to any eventuality that might happen along the way!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to how to respond when a girl says she is busy.

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