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20 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs


Our guide to things every bachelor pad needs has got you covered!

Every man indeed dreams of having a killer bachelor pad that others crave to visit. Making your pad that desirable place will certainly get everyone hyped.

How do you get it to reach such levels? Well, first of all, you must maintain it clean. Then it should be modern, with all sophisticated home equipment and essentials. Ladies will want to visit and your guys will wish they had it.

Men, the conversation around this is the same over and over because the difficulty lies in figuring out what to put in your bachelor pad.

Fortunately, this article brings along a list of things every bachelor pad needs.

Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

1. Standard Bedding

Equipping your bachelor pad with good bedding will make it attractive and extremely inviting, especially if you get visitors often.

As a bachelor, it’s not surprising for your pals to come for sleepovers at your pad, so you need to make a difference.

You just need to start with the following items, all available on amazon below…

1) at least 2 white sheets

2) 2 quality pillows

3) blankets, available here

4) standard sleeping pillows

If you have a down comforter, also ensure to buy a duvet for it, right? Additionally, get another throw pillow and extra sheets and duvets.

See? It is just simple.

Now, let’s talk about the bed. You need to get a proper bed, one that you could sleep in forever.

Those cheap metal beds won’t impress anyone, let alone you.

What this implies is that you should work hard to get furniture that can guarantee comfort, rather than rushing to buy beds that will cause you to wake up at night to take a rest!

2. Bedroom Essentials 

We can’t ignore bedroom essentials while we’ve talked about bedding. 

Every bedroom should have furniture and other essentials. That said, you need a practical dresser. You will come across as uncivilized if you are the kind of guy that folds up all their clothes in closet shelves or even throw them on the floor.

Men, a dresser will house all your socks and undergarments.

Nightstands can even do away with the need for dressers if your pad does not have enough space for more furniture. It could be a simple wall-shelf, chairs, stools, etc. Be creative boy!

Yes, you also need personal side lamps. Overhead bulbs are not the best when talking about bedroom lighting. Life is better when each side of the bed has a side lamp, and the switch is away. Do you get the idea?

3. A Lovely Entry

At your age as a bachelor, you are aware that first impressions count a lot, more than anything else.

It is the first spot everyone sees when they come knocking at your door, so make it easy for your entry to blow them away!

A welcoming door mat is an essential – the sleek Beau Jardin mat above is available here.

You recall the efforts you put in place when going on a first date specifically. Similarly, strive to make your entry as stunning as possible because it is the first thing visitors use to paint a picture of you in their brains.

We must admit that most ladies are naturally scared of what they may bump into when walking into a bachelor pad, so do something that will work in your favor shortly.

Check whether you have a stylish mirror, like this one available on Amazon and a rug.

Is there a place to sit while putting on shoes? Check that. Additionally, get a coat rack, and a catchall for holding visitors’ keys.

4. A Stylish Bathroom

When you’re thinking about things every bachelor pad needs, the bathroom should definitely be a priority.

Most people are scared of using every bathroom they come across, especially the public ones. You also avoid some bathrooms at all costs, and so are your friends. Would you like anyone to feel this way if they visited you? No.

This is why you should make sure that your bathroom is attractive and classy. Most styles will cost you an arm and a leg, though there are other small-budget options you can cash in on to give your bathroom an enviable look. It all goes down to your personal preferences and economies of scale.

To ensure that your bathroom leave guests refreshed, you should work to make it sophiticated, by getting a roll of toilet paper, towels that match bathroom colors, a shower curtain, soap, and artwork (a bathroom remains a room still).

5. A Wall Book-Shelf

These days, it is pretty hard to find a contemporary man who doesn’t have a bookshelf.

You should mount a good bookshelf on the wall, and it should be custom-made or touched up with colors that can blend well with the color(s) on your wall.

This way, you will look like a grown-up. No, a civilized bachelor. After mounting the bookshelf, it is now time to compartmentalize books according to titles, author, or color, so that things become orderly.

The stylish bookshelf above is the perfect addition to your bachelor pad. Check it out on Amazon here.

Additionally, such smart creations complement your other study needs as a bachelor. Anyway, who does not like places that are accentuated with décor?

So, even if you don’t fancy reading books, you must have a few books, at least to show your interest in books. They don’t have to be many, but considering the tons of reading materials out there, you won’t lack one that appeals to you.

6. Beautiful Wall Art

As a bachelor, chances are that you are an eligible husband, right? Yes, you are dating or you are planning to date. Art makes dating sexy. If you are eyeing a lady that loves arts, things are going to get even sexier.

So, get a few artworks or paintings and hang them on the walls. If you are not sure about how to do that, you can talk to your local interior designer and he/she will work the magic for you.

There are many cheap artworks all over the streets, so don’t fear to grab one out of fear that your visitors will discover they are cheap, or not worth millions of dollars. Only care about you looking sophisticated. 

And you should go for the art that will inspire you every day, and uplift the spirits of your guests when they come visiting.

This sophisticated piece of wall art is available here on Amazon.

People like framed art, so putting some on your walls will mean that you brought thought into your space. Do it today and make your bachelor pad feel more of a home than a bachelor’s hole.

What we mean here is that you just can’t afford to stay between bare walls. Next time you bring a date to your pad, wall art and paintings will give you a good story to discuss.

7. Bachelor’s Sofa Set

Every bachelor pad needs a stylish, durable and leather couch. Leather, because it is an asset you will use for way too long, even after you have quit a bachelor’s life. Did we talk about the comfort they can give a person? 

Check out this ultramodern sofa above, available on Amazon.

Figure out this: Coming to your pad the evening, tired and exhausted, and then you place your feet on a spongy sofa as you catch up with the latest buzz and celebrity news?

This comfortable and stylish grey sofa can be found on Amazon here!

Or, resting your body on it when watching your favorite movie or telenovela? Men, get yourself a leather sofa today.

8. Glassware and Dinnerware

Most of us have taken wine from plastic cups at one point in our bachelor’s life. Sorry about that. Well, do you want to make such small blunders even when our dates are visiting us? Really NO.

These affordable wine glasses available here on Amazon will ensure you’re always prepared for guests.

Having the 5 glasses you stole from your mom half a decade ago says that you are yet to put thought into your pad.

Get this useful set of plates and bowls here, ideal for your kitchen.

The utensils you buy must not be expensive but purposeful, you get the idea? When in doubt about the colors you want, just pick white for dishes, plain clear glasses, and simple dinnerware.

For a bachelor, eight of each item is just enough.

9. Coffee Table

A coffee table is a great addition to your bachelor’s pad, especially If you have an offbeat space. Regular coffee tables are good but wooden ones are more masculine, and they will match leather coaches.

Additionally, they even make everything in your pad to look better. 

You can find this essential bachelor pad coffee table here.

Above all, and to the advantage of a bachelor, it could be a good conversation starter when your girl comes visiting.

10. Plants

Plants are one of our top recommendations for things every bachelor pad needs. However, adding plants to an apartment is something a lot of men forget to do!

They keep the air around your apartment cleaner and fresher, something that will make your visitors feel good, and they will appreciate you for that investment. 

Indoor plants are available here at Amazon.

Your other rooms will smell better as well because plants have a natural way to make you feel relaxed. You also don’t want your guys to feel nervous when they visit you, right? Well, get your pad a few plants and the whole compound will automatically become attractive and highly laid-back. Try that.

11. Window Treatment

You don’t want to disappoint guests who come to visit you at your bachelor’s pad, and this is why you should pay keen attention to small details such as window treatments.

Check out these sophisticated curtains here for your bachelor pad.

If you are in a room that requires privacy, do thick curtains. This will help to keep out light and shadows, and peeping neighbors. They will offer you the privacy you deserve when you are with someone at your pad.

Additionally, you will be able to sleep better too, because research shows that you sleep soundly when no light is entering your bedroom through the windows.

On the other hand, if your pad does not require privacy, you can consider exposing all the windows by using simple curtains.

12. Candles

You may be surprised at the next item on our list things every bachelor pad needs – however, having candles is a must if you want to have a sophisticated, grown-up bachelor pad.

If the electricity went off when you are with your guests, candles would come in handy.

Check out this popular choice for men’s candles here on Amazon.

When we think of candles, we start thinking about the smell of flowers, right? Well, if strong scents are not your cup of tea, you can try out other good-smelling candles out there.

They are a perfect addition to your bachelor’s pad because they don’t only stand in for electricity, but they also enhance the mood for you and your visiting friends.

So, you can place a few of them in the bathroom, others in the kitchen, and at least two in the living room. 

See that? They will boost the moods in the room big time.

13. Baking Sheet 

As a rule, every guy’s pad must be equipped with a baking sheet.

What the heck is this? You wonder, but this tool will allow you to bake your food evenly, and your visitors will appreciate it.

They also help to ensure that burnt pieces and grease do not find their way into the oven.

Additionally, having a baking sheet and other kitchen equipment shows that you are thinking it right, as a grown-up man. It does not only show girls that you are a potential and caring husband but it also means that you can help with cooking.

 Find baking sheets online here at Amazon!

14. A Television Set

We bachelors believe that watching videos from our computers is a cool thing, right?

But should you always crowd over it when you happen to watch films alongside your buddies?

Probably not. It’s the highest time you gifted yourself with a flat-screen television set. This is something that every bachelor pad needs if you love to entertain.

Check out this popular television set for bachelors here.

Most bachelor pads only have a few cheap pieces of equipment and a home theatre stereo system as the most expensive equipment in that space. 

A few that have television sets have them mounted at crazy viewing height levels, some which could have you straining to get a good view. So, you end up hurt in the neck because you stared up for a long period.

Get a good TV set and mount it at an eye-level. Put the word ‘EYE LEVEL’ in uppercase and bold.

And if you mount it on the will, it even looks better. You won’t believe it but try that.

15. Desk and Office Chair, and Equipment

We all know that there is no such thing as working only hours that your boss sets. We are always prepared to work extra hours, and that is why we need to equip our bachelor pads to resemble offices. 

Find this sleek and practical desk here on Amazon.

To get ahead in this tough world, we need to practice professionalism even at home. So, rather than investing in things you don’t need, how about getting yourself a good office chair and desk? Well, you could be a freelance businessman, which would require that you build an office at your pad.

All in all, you want some work done, and by you. So, get a good chair if you have bought a desk. You can’t expect to use your coffee chair nor sit on the desk, anyway. Having other office stationery such as glue, pens, stapler, etc. will go away to make people around you to respect you big time.

But while you search for the best office equipment, be sure to go for the most comfortable and stylish pieces, as you are going to spend a few hours a week sitting on them.

Go for leather ones.

16. Bottle Opener

One of the top things every bachelor pad needs is a good bottle opener.

We know that we must have at one point tried to open soft-drink bottles using our teeth. Isn’t this wrong? Well, why would you do that when bottle openers are retailing at a very cheap price?

It becomes awkward when you fumble while trying to figure out how to open soft drinks when you don’t have an opener, and you have people over.

Waiter’s Corkscrew that can open a range of drinks will be a great addition to your bachelor pad. 

A range of bottle openers are available on Amazon.

17. Portable Refrigerator

Often, we are not spared heat waves just because we are bachelors. When heat strikes, it calls for respite- a mini-refrigerator. And it should be portable. This essential bachelor’s tool will enable you to stay cool as you preserve your foods, drinks and all jokes in style like no other.

Some mini fridges also act as food-warmers, and they can cozily fit into any space, thanks to their size. Get a singleton and you won’t have to worry about your drinks and foods getting spoilt. In real terms, these mini versions store both drinks and foods altogether.

Get a mini refrigerator with a cooler and warmer here Amazon

How else are you going to prevent expensive beverages, foods, leftovers, etc. from getting worse due to heat if it is not through portable mini fridges?

18. Toilet Essentials

Next on our list of things every bachelor bad needs, we’ve covered toilet essentials.

Having talked about other areas extensively, we should also look at the toilet. Detergents, soaps, brushes, and such.

Visit most bachelors and you will be shocked by their common problem- ignorance in cleaning the toilet.

Get this bathroom essential here on Amazon.

Having and using detergents is a must for all of us to ensure that a foul smell doesn’t cause our guests to hate us for a solvable problem. What we are trying to say is that you should get yourself a few cans of detergents that you will use to make your toilet smell good.

You also need a toilet bowl brush to help you scrub off stains until the toilet gets clean. No one would be impressed by your toilet’s unsavory glossiness, so learn to adopt the routine of cleaning your toilet.

Additionally, you should ensure that water is always available at the toilet. You can add soap, toilet paper rolls, and a hand towel in the list of toilet essentials.

We cannot afford to mess around with our hygiene, right?

19. Knives and Flatware

Kitchen equipment is a must when it comes to things that every bachelor pad needs.

Bread is good and steak is juicy. But here you are, using a bread knife to rip steak apart. Or here you are, using any available knife to cut onions. This is not only laughable but also it brings shame to the bachelor’s fraternity. Next time you do that; we will not hesitate to expel you for life.

Get this handy kitchen knife set here on Amazon.

You should get different kinds of knives for different jobs, and you and your guests will be pleased with the whole eating experience.

Get a meat knife and watch the improvement in your meat-eating experience. Even for the meat, you will realize that it needs a few kinds of knives so that you don’t accidentally send pieces flying in your effort to tear them apart.

Check out this set on Amazon here at an awesome price.

You should make an effort to upgrade to something better because you are not a caveman, right? You need a set of knives and other flatware. The buying process is thoughtless and they are even not as expensive as you think.

Leave plastic ware behind, shall you? 

20. Portable Cooling System

One way to beat the summer’s unforgiving heat is by rewarding yourself with a portable cooling system. It is a great addition and alternative to air-conditioners, and it is cheap. In real terms, there are a variety of cheap options to choose from, so you don’t have to break the bank to buy a portable cooler.

Find our recommended portable air cooler here.

Most of them come in a cylindrical shape and small size that won’t consume many inches of your bachelor pad’s space. What’s more, it is easy to install and maintain. It also comes with washable filters.

Mostly weighing around 12 pounds, a portable air cooling system is a great lightweight tool for your palace.

Sitting room with seats, lighting, and art

Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

There you go! Get yourself these things to enjoy your bachelorhood to the fullest. Also, try out this minimalistic concept when setting up.

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