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How to Tell a Girl You Just Want To Be Friends (Without Hurting Anyone)


It’s always not easy to friend-zone someone. While it may hurt, it’s sometimes essential to tell your girl that you just want to be friends. It’s vital that you friend-zone your girl than hurt her in the future.  However, it’s not always simple to put your girl in the friend zone without affecting your friendship. 

Being the one to place an individual in the companion zone is mere as cringe-worthy. It’s in no way enjoyable to be in that position. If you’re a person with a completely working heart, you would prefer not to hurt anybody.

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But since you can’t force yourself into somebody’s life, it’s critical to ensure the message reaches the girl that you just consider to be a companion. Since it’s difficult to pass the message, that’s why some people avoid it altogether. But running away from the truth only confuses and creates a lot of problems. Are you wondering about how to tell a girl you just want to be friends? Here are crucial ideas on how you can respectfully friend-zone your girl.

1. Give Subtle but Clear Insights

You don’t want to talk with your friend about someone else you’ve got a crush on. For instance, you want to avoid statements such as, “you make me remember my cousin.” There’re, however, various ways to pass the message to your friend and get them to know you’re not interested.

If the individual in question offers you a commendation, as opposed to acting abnormal about it or constraining yourself to praise that person back, simply state, “Thank you.” That way, you aren’t giving your girl any off-base thoughts; you’re as respectful as possible. 

If the individual attempts to make a move when you’re as one, rather than going crazy, begin discussing a different subject to redirect the person in question. While this may appear to be odd and cumbersome, it can, without much of a stretch, show your absence of interest to your girl.

2. Suggesting Group Hangouts

Perhaps you truly like spending moments with your girl, but you don’t want her to misunderstand you. Always ensure there are other people around. While it’s satisfactory for companions to have one-on-one, it is smarter to just hang out in teams in such circumstances.

A case of getting this going would inquire as to whether your companions could follow along whenever your girl welcomes you to hang out. Not exclusively will this reduce the chances of her getting closer, it will likewise reflect that you just consider her just like other friends.

This is a somewhat fast and simple approach to put somebody in the friend zone while not hurting them.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Girl

If the individual in question sends you a lot of text, don’t be that individual who quits reacting. While that appears to be a decent method to imply you’re not intrigued, it’s essentially taking the most comfortable exit.

You can, in any case, converse with your girl but do so without offering her the wrong idea. For example, if she tries flirting via text, as opposed to putting your phone away, and leaving, just unpretentiously change the subject by posing an inquiry. But you shouldn’t repeat it every time she attempts to flirt.

However, you can do it in circumstances when flirting has gotten excessively. If she is continually requesting that you hang out, just get some way of keeping her attention away.

4. Be Straight Up

While the mentioned ideas will aid you to politely friend-zone your girl, being honest is the most significant thing you can do. Sit the person in question down and converse with that person eye to eye. Clarify you just consider her as a companion. This is likely among the challenging ideas, but it’s likewise the most mature and respectful.

Let her know that you can see her affections for you, and you’re very complimented. However, you aren’t capable of returning those feelings. If you stress the reality, you wouldn’t want to hurt her; it can make the circumstance somewhat tolerable. The individual may feel somehow hurt nevertheless, but she won’t consider you as an awful individual at last.

5. Don’t Sound Desperate

Regardless of whether the girl is enamored with you or not, don’t show that you’re tired of alongside her. Also, abstain from clinging to her every other time. Even when you’re feeling frantic, you don’t need to show this. The explanation behind this is edginess will place her in an entirely awkward circumstance. From the start, the girl may begin feeling complimented. However, she will wind up detesting you. She will never again withstand your essence. Thus, if you’re figuring out how to tell a girl you just want to be friends, don’t do it when tanked.

6. Compliment the Friendship

While you wish to remain friends, the last thing you want is to hurt her. Start by supplementing the girl on some fundamental things. For example, let her know that you appreciate your union. You would then be able to take the commendations to another level by revealing to her that your togetherness matters a lot. In any case, she responds poorly to any of your tributes; don’t show that her behavior hurts you.

7. Reassure of Your Kinship

Figuring how to tell a girl, you just want to be friends requires some energy. Don’t let her see as if your friendship is worthless. Still, don’t rush to reveal anything that you’re not prepared to defend, or that proves your genuineness. To begin with, you should promise her that you esteem your kinship and how presently rely upon her for various things. 

You should remind her that nothing should end the friendship between the two of you. That way, you’ll ensure that none of you is hurt along the way. You can take some brief time before letting her know that you choose her as your friend with a purpose. Also, let your girl know that you’re expecting nothing in return.

Disclose to her that this is simply something that you needed to state. On the off chance that the girl has comparative sentiments, great. However, if she doesn’t, you ought to promise the girl that your fellowship is the most significant thing to you, and you are not prepared to destroy it.

If you feel that you will require some opportunity to explain to her in a better way, let her know. Ensure that your proposal is always playful to keep your moments in good terms.

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8. Don’t Change Your Friendship Status

Any change will cause a girl to feel awkward. In this way, if you need your fellowship with the girl to remain, it is critical to keep acting like a companion instead of a darling. Evade a circumstance where you begin to contact her improperly or give her gifts. Guarantee that you abstain from giving her that non-accommodating fondness.

9. Don’t Put Her on a Pedestal

A typical slip-up that folks make when they are in friendship with a girl is that they begin complimenting her for her magnificence. In other cases, they tell the girl that they’re powerless for her. This is irrelevant at this juncture, and you should abstain from placing her in any sort of platform.

The most significant thing is to keep up your friendship on the move. Always remain by her side when she needs help and avoid intimate communication. Not taking your friendship to the next level doesn’t mean any of you should disrespect the other. For instance, don’t tell her that you don’t have the foggiest idea why you set up with her. Whenever things don’t seem to be working, embrace her as a reminder that you’re not ready to become enemies. But always work into breaking the touch barriers.

10. Don’t Let Your Girl Rattle You

This is another territory where many folks come up short. When they have affection for the person, they become passionate about her. When the girl doesn’t turn up for a date, they get annoyed and furious. When you take her to a café, and she whines how horrendous the food is, abstain from getting agitated.

If you blow up about the girl’s conduct and flake or condemn her, this is an indication of shortcoming or frailty. The girl will think of you as powerless. You won’t be in a superior situation to hold the friendship strongly as girls are looking for more grounded men. Then again, when you exhibit to her that nothing clatters you, she will begin succumbing to you.

Regardless of what occurs or the fits of rage she causes, you ought to maintain your temper. That’s how your girl might prove about the genuine friendship you talked about earlier. When you join this with humor just as that shrewd grin, she will see you as a true friend. 

11. Build up Your Companionship with the Girl

There comes a time when you’ve to build up an unbroken companionship with her. A couple of years would be perfect after you’ve acknowledged the significance of your friendship. Spend time with the girl when you get the chance. You go shopping for her, pay her a movie show, or even invite her to a family gathering.

Requesting her to go along with you during the family event will assist her to feel part of your family and a pal. This is because your loved ones will believe that she is your friend and will treat her well. When asked about her, let them know that she is your friend. Otherwise, stay calm and let anything else follow the course.

12. Don’t Engage Negative Emotions

Things become ungainly when you don’t discuss your sentiments. If the girl disapproves of your proposition, you shouldn’t engage questions; for example, what would it be advisable for me to do now? What does the girl need? Will our kinship proceed? Or, what is the girl thinking? This implies admitting your emotions aren’t what make things clumsy but your sentiments of weakness or vulnerability.

13. Pick Your Words Cautiously

Most likely, you’ve been close with your companion for quite a while. Thus, you seem to know them well. If you believe that disclosing to them that you are enamored to someone else can come as a stunner, you should not do that. Use phrases that are mitigated.

For example, you can say to them that you have discovered that your sentiments towards both of you are working for the good. You just want her to remain a companion to you. Such expressions can assist you in describing what you think regarding her. They also the danger of ruining your fellowship with her in the future.

14. Open Your Heart & Ears

Like just expressed, telling your companion that you are infatuated with her, might send out the wrong message. She may wind up imagining that you want to misuse her or take advantage of her. Even when both of you share sentiments, it expects boldness to take an undertaking from companionship into the adoration zone. Ensure every time that you are listening distinctly to the reaction of your companion.

End Shot: How to Tell a Girl You Just Want To Be Friends 

These tips will make it simple to tell your girl that you just want the two of you to remain friends. You want to do it without demolishing your friendship or hurting anyone. But there’s no assurance that everything will work out easily and without issues. Recall that girls are different, and there are various sorts of friendships. How your girl will respond will rely upon the worth she has set on you as a companion.

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Recall that telling your girl that you just want to be only friends can ruin your companionship. You can follow the above tips for the least demanding approach. You look forward to retaining your friendship and not wounding anyone if that’s possible. Are you wondering how to tell a girl you just want to be friends without causing any harm?

That’s How to Tell a Girl You Just Want To Be Friends (Without Hurting Anyone)!

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