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How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend


If you’re stuck for how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, allow us to ease your worries!

As a man, you might have a woman who is just a friend to you. You might even have several women who are mere friends. But there is always this girl who you meet for the first time and is unique from the rest. This girl might have the qualities that you ever desired from your future woman.

The million-dollar question that most guys have is how to ask such a girl to be a girlfriend.

Popping out the question is a hard nut to crack. Some guys feel shy to ask while others fear that they might jeopardize their relationship if the woman doesn’t like them. However, this article will shed light on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Consider the following ideas:

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

1) Say Sweet Things to Her

Girls like listening to men who have something to say. When you tell her sweet things, she is likely to stick around and listen to you. You will obviously draw her attention and make her feel appreciated. It is a good way of showing her that you are attracted to her.

For instance, tell her that you always value the moment you spend with her. Tell her that you are willing to wait for her to take a walk after work.

Compliment her smile with nice words. Let her know that her dress looks good. Her cute hairdo, talk about her makeup, perfume…and so on. When you converse, notice the things she says and tell her how intelligent she is for great ideas. These are some of the vibes that can turn her on. She will definitely want to hear more from you.

2) Flirt With Her

Ideally, men do not flirt with random girls. In most cases, they have normal chats with their fellow ladies who are just friends – just casual conversations. When you choose to flirt a girl, you start sending other signals to her. Your aim is to get out of the friend zone and make her be your girlfriend. Flirting breeds intimacy over time.

Flirt with her in person or by text. You don’t have to say anything, you can do it by body language and touch. For instance, whisper something naughty in her ear or tease her playfully. Teasing her will birth emotional intimacy in the long run. But be cautious with the stage you are at in your relationship. Otherwise, you might portray yourself as a person who doesn’t care about morals

Text her good morning and good night as a sign that you care about her. Such texts show that she is the first person you think when you wake up and the last person you think of before retiring to bed.

3) Share Stuff With Her

There are many things you can share with your girl. Share your sense of humor and things with her. Initially, you might just have a small talk between both of you. However, as your friendship advances, you will be more open to each other. You are likely to share secrets and other vital details about your life. You have to trust her so that she can see that she is not an ordinary girl to you. She is likely to get more connected to you as such acts can bring about emotional intimacy.

Show her that there is more she needs to learn from you than what she sees on the outside. For instance, ask her deep questions about her life as a way of showing that you care about her more than just a pretty face. You can also share your fears with her and invite her to do the same. This will create a strong bond between both of you.

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

4) Try Impressing Her

There are many ways of impressing a girl. But most guys hardly know them. Some guys think that buying a car for a girl will make her feel more valued. Others, think of humongous ideas in their minds to impress their ladies. You should throw that mental picture in the garbage. That social construct is a tiny fraction of what any girl you would want to be your girlfriend is really looking for.

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The good news is that there are many ways of impressing a girl. For instance, you can choose to be honest with her all the time. Girls truly dislike deceit. You should own your feelings. Use them as a way of playing the victim all the time. Instead, use your prejudices to explore what they reveal about you. Taking responsibility for your actions will please your girl. Girls like someone who admits when they make mistakes and are willing to change for the better. Lastly, you should be strong in your own values. This can help you to read, research and even engage constructively.

5) Say It If You Like Her

This girl might be just a friend to you. She might even like you but is shy from saying she admires you. You should take the initiative and tell her that you like her. Letting the girl know that you are into her is a true rite of passage for every man. However, telling a girl that you like her is not easy for every man out there. How do you go about this? First and foremost, review her signals and see if she responds favorably to your touch.

Check and see if she flirts freely with you. Does she text you throughout the day? Such questions can help you determine if she likes you or not. Realize the need to save the friendship and go head-on. You should reveal your true feelings to her without fearing whether she will reject you or not. It is a matter of trial and error. Be true yourself and show her that you are a man enough. You can choose to write a love letter or make a list of 100 things you love about her. If she accepts, well and good. If she doesn’t, then it’s your unlucky day.

6) Ask Her Out

We all have busy work schedules out there. However, you can still create time and take her out. This will be a good opportunity for you to express your feeling. In a normal setting, you might be constrained to express your feeling towards her. You might even lack the time to express these feelings to her. You should take her out and express your feelings in a new environment.

First and foremost, she will appreciate that gesture and will be more willing to spend more time with you. There are many places where you can go to. Choose to visit the zoo or go and watch a movie at the cinema. This will be a great opportunity to tell her that you want her to be your girlfriend.

Budget wisely. Failure to budget for these expenses can embarrass you especially if you want to create a good impression for the girl. Remember that the first impression usually lasts. The kind of impression that you will create can make her have or lose faith in you.

7) Be Clear

Some guys can beat about the bush when they are trying to express themselves. Lack of clarity can hinder your girl from understanding your real intentions. You might have good intentions of even marrying her but you are not clear. At first, you might be anxious about how she will take it. She might take it positively or negatively.

However, if you are clear with your statement, trust that she will know your intentions. You should avoid using ambiguous words or phrases that leave her with more questions than answers. Being vague will only complicate issues for you.

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

8) Add Her On Social Media

Most people have social media accounts. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. If she is currently not among your friends, add her as a friend there. They will obviously look up information about your lifestyle through your profiles.

Sometimes, you might choose to chat using Facebook or Twitter besides the normal texts. The good news is that WhatsApp and Facebook can help you send even images and voice messages to each other. You also get to see her life on social media, which is a plus.

9) Joke With Her

Being serious all the time can make her view you as a very strict person. She might not even get attracted to you in the first place. You might possess all the right qualities but still fail to win her heart over.

However, if you are humorous, trust that you will bring her close to you. In fact, she will yearn to be your girlfriend. Girls generally like humorous guys. If she thinks that you are funny, then she will be more comfortable around you and might find you attractive. Making some silly jokes can make her happy and even wish to be around you all the time.

10) Find Out if Someone Else Is in the Picture

It is normal to think that this girl does not have a boyfriend. Most girls hide the fact that they are dating. Some might hinder this from you for a long time. She might not even post him on social media platforms but she could be seeing someone else.

Find out from her if she is seeing someone else. This is very critical if you want her to be your girlfriend. It can be very humiliating to date someone who is dating someone else. The worst can happen if you realize it later when it is too late. Such issues break the hearts of men. Doing some due diligence can help you prevent such problems.

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

11) Understand her Mood

Girls might not always be in the mood to chat to you or ready to jump straight into a relationship. Sometimes you will have to be patient and take time to understand her feelings.

If you notice that she is not in her upbeat mood, you should not try to pop that question. She might not be ready to answer you. You should try and choose the right moment to ask this question. You can wait until she is excited so that you can ask her to be your girlfriend. With the right mood, you’ll have conquered the first mountain. The battle will be easier.

Final Thought on How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Girls are not difficult people to deal with. You just need to understand them as they get impressed by small things. Showing concern and love can help you win her heart. If you are fond of complimenting her regularly, she will feel loved and attractive.

She will like being around you and even treasure you. If you are honest with her, she will like you and trust you even more. Ideally, you should aim at cultivating friendship so that she can get fond of you. You can trust that she will not fear you anymore.

As your friendship advances, you can then pop out the question of whether she would mind being your girlfriend. As you do this, you make her know that you are genuinely looking for a woman in your life. If you are dating and she knows it, she might not readily accept it. However, if she knows you are single and genuine, she will accept you to be part of her life. Consider these ideas and you will make her be your girlfriend.

Don’t be bitter if the girl you like rejects you. It’s better to know early enough that she doesn’t like you than be rejected later when you’ve kicked things off.

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