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First Date Greeting: How To Nail Your First Impression


The first date greeting is very important!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step – this applies to finding your significant other as well. Most dates start with a first meeting, the physical meeting. Even with the internet, social media, and dating sites involved, the first meeting is inevitable. Thus the first date greeting.

The first date greeting is essential in giving the first impression. The first perception matters and there is hardly a second chance to recreate it once you mess it up. Because of this, you need to be sure about showing your best self forward if you dream of subsequent dates.

To help you out with the first date greeting, below are some tidbits you can trust to boost your confidence.

First Date Greeting Tips

a man helping a woman out of the car

1) Pick Up Your Date

After initiating your meeting and the date is set, ensure you are the one to pick her to take her out. While some may argue it should be combined effort in your first date, show that you have some control and pick her up from where she prefers.

If you have a car, the better as it will be easier to get to her. If not, then make an effort and get to her destination at the agreed time. If you are previously acquainted through social media or other platforms, then you have a decent bargain on where you will meet up.

2) Always Keep Time

There is no bigger turn off for your first date greeting than turning up late. Even if you’re wearing the most stylish date outfit and your best smile, you will have already messed up your first impression, and you will need to put more effort in to compensate.

Make sure you plan the date well in advance to avoid hassles and upcoming frustrations that might delay you. When meeting up with your date, you should reach the venue first. It is better for you to wait for her as it shows how patient and responsible you are.

At times delays are inevitable and may come up due to traffic jams, work hold-ups, emergencies and many more. In such a situation, try and communicate earlier that you will experience some delays and assure her that you will try your best to make it in time. Also, promise her to make up for the slight hitch in a way that you will agree.

3) Never Mess Up The Salutation Part

When you spot the apple of your eye, you need to be composed. It is normal to be nervous as many are when in new situations like meeting a new person. Don’t behave clumsily. Walk steadily to her and greet her like a gentleman.

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The greeting depends on how you have been communicating before the date. If you have established a friendly rapport between the two of you, then a simple hug or maybe give a smooth peck on her cheeks will do. If you are still not much acquainted, then a firm handshake will do. At no moment should you try and kiss her or inappropriately greet her as it may send mixed messages that can jinx your chances with her.

When greeting her, introduce yourself with a smile. Facial expressions matter during your first meeting. A smile can warm her up and make her feel comfortable with you. A frown or a cold stare will freak her out. Don’t be surprised if she asks to visit the washrooms and never comes back.

If she came driving, open the car door and let her get out, then close it. Such a mild act for the first date greeting speaks volumes. It is a plus if you get her a gift like flowers or chocolate, depending on her taste.

first date greeting

4) Show How Courteous You Are

Your first date greeting needs to show all, which speaks a lot about your character. If it is a dinner date, lead her into the joint and pull the seat out for her. Make sure she is comfortable then take your place. At this point, you have tried your best to break the ice between you, and there is a high chance things will go on smoothly.

When ordering during the first date greeting, let her make the order first. If she has difficulty in picking up a suitable meal, help her out. This way you’ll be easier on each other as the date goes on.

5) Get The Conversation Going

Your first date greeting cannot go on without having a conversation that gives each of you an insight into yourselves. A prudent way to go about it is to let her talk while you listen and contribute equally to make the moment fun. Crack a joke if possible to get some laughter to punctuate your date. But do not go deep into dark jokes or those that seem too much on the offensive.

6) Show Small Hints

If everything is going all smooth in your first date greeting, start showing some hints of your interest in her. Compliment her dressing, hair or anything impressive. However, do not overdo it lest you paint a picture of a weirdo. Push the boundaries and even hold her hands. Keep it low with the hints to maintain a level of some decency.

first date greeting

7) Bidding Her Goodbye

Once your date is done, you show appreciation of her presence to your first meeting and express interest in subsequent dates. Clear the bill and walk her out of the joint. If she is driving, open the door for her and warmly hug her to bid her goodbye. If you have a car and she does not, you could offer to drop her at her place or someplace she prefers.

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Just like when meeting her first, make the goodbye salutations simple and do not cross the boundaries yet. The goodbye can be just as important as the first date greeting!

Now You Know How to Nail The First Date Greeting!

When dating, the first date greeting is vital in cementing your position as a worthy companion. Make it simple and let etiquette be the guide to meeting her. Do not forget to keep time when meeting her as being late with no explanations portrays you as rude and irresponsible.

A little complimenting during the first date greeting breaks the tension the same with some humor. Employ the tidbits above, and you are sure of an excellent first impression that will lead to subsequent dates. Here is how to know she is checking you out.

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