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Is She Really Checking You Out? 10 Key Signs


Ever been in a bar, at a party, or even on the train, and wondered if someone is checking you out? Well, our guide to how to tell if a girl is checking you out is here to help!

Unlike a man who can be caught easily when trying to check out a woman, women tend to do an entire body scan without being caught! So, how to tell if a girl is checking you out? The following are 10 key pointers to tell if she likes you.

how to tell if a girl is checking you out

1. If She Can Remember Details of a Conversation That Took Place Long Ago

People who are not concerned with you cannot remember your name even if you just said it a minute ago. However, a woman who has an interest in you will be in a position to tell you every detail of what happened the first day you met. That’s an indicator that she is attentive and focused on what you tell her. The conversation might be boring but still, she will find humor in it and keep listening.

2. If She Makes Her Friends Stare at You Whenever You are Around

There is no way a girl who is not checking out on you will cause her friends to notice and stare at you. The majority of women love to hear what their friends will say relating to a certain man of their interest. When this happens, you will receive glances from a group of ladies where she is sitting. The hardest part will be to recognize which woman in the group is checking you out. Just hope she is the one you are interested in as well.

3. Quick and Successive Glances

The secret of how to tell if a girl is checking you out is in catching her glances. If you catch her several times attempting to make eye contact or simply just looking over again, that is how to tell if a girl is checking you out. The glances might seem that the girl is ignoring you, but rather, she is analyzing your looks and behavior without wanting to be the one to make a move. If you find yourself in such a situation, take the bold step and reach out to see how she responds.

4. They are Always Around You

If you often notice a girl in your best places like the movies, club, or church, then this is another best way to tell if a girl is checking you out. In case you have a specific sit in church or pub and you often notice this girl around the area of your interest, then she could be a sign she is interested in you. It is guaranteed that she is checking you out and you need to move fast so you can win her.

5. She can Notice When You Have Changed

How on earth would a woman notice that you have changed if she is not interested in you? If she raises this, then that’s a sure bet that the girl is checking you out. This might involve her complementing your looks, what you wear, how long you’ve been away and many others. She might even suggest that you change your sports shoes or a shirt you’ve put on.

6. She Comments on Social Media Activities

Cyberstalking is safer than face-to-face checkouts. Some girls do it because they are shy and won’t face you to offer their compliment. Therefore, if you notice that she comments and likes on every post you make, chances are she likes you. This is a prime example of how to tell if a girl is checking you out. Sooner or later, she might message you to start chatting, or you could make the move yourself to start a friendly conversation.

7. She Keeps in Contact With You

Another great way on how to tell if a girl is checking out on you is when they always have your contact. Even when you leave, she will occasionally call to know how you are fairing. The girl will keep communicating with you through the phone or physically and insists on knowing you better. She can do this by writing you a good night, a good morning, or a nice lunch message.

8. She Asks You a lot of Questions

Do not get paranoid if a girl keeps asking questions since this is a good way on how to tell if a girl is checking you out. She wants to know more about you and it is proof that she wants you to feel free around her as friends do. You can also notice in the conversation that she uses “we” which means she has already involved you in her life. No one asks questions without a motive whereby in this case the motive is love and desire to make friends.

9. Her Friends Know You

You will just be amazed at the level you receive greetings from different women you come along on the way. The fact is that she has already told them that she likes you and is interested in you, thus the many greetings from strangers. In case you ask her friends how they know you, they will mention the same girl. That is enough reason to tell that the girl is checking you out.

how to tell if a girl is checking you out

10. She Blushes and Smiles When You are Around

There are reasons behind every girl who smiles and blushes around a certain man. In case you notice the blushes and smiles whenever your eyes meet, that’s a clear sign she is interested in you. You should not waste your time if you have similar feelings for the girl. Blushing and smiling are signs of love, therefore, you do not have to fear as you speak your heart out. Here are tips to bring out the charismatic you.

How to Tell if a Girl is Checking You Out?

how to tell if a girl is checking you out

Women are very keen and can easily study a man’s routine to smartly and closely check you out. In case you move out for a long time a girl will always reach out even though you did not give her your contacts. She would rather ask your friends to find ways to reach with you. The pointers we’ve mentioned above should tell you someone wants to be with you.

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