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How to Ask a Girl Out by Text: 10 (Almost) Foolproof Message Templates


Mobile phones have changed how we communicate. They make it easier to pass a message more so in remote situations. Texting is one of the revolutionary ways of communication at our disposal, courtesy of this device. You get to summarize a lot of information in a short text and send it to a given person(s). In this vein, many people take advantage of the technology to find themselves girlfriends. But does everyone know how to ask a girl out by text?

Once you approach a girl you are interested in and shoot your shot, with the best first impression, there are chances that you’ll get her number. Getting the contact is one step close to asking her out and getting to know her further. To take her out, your text game needs to be on top. As such, knowing how to ask a girl out by text is a skill to know.

If trying to up your game, take on the following message templates to come up with a worthy “take you for dinner” message.

how to ask a girl out by text

Got To See This Movie On Friday, What You Say? Tickets On Me

Regardless of the day, try to know of her schedule and what type of movies she likes. With this knowledge ask her out on a movie date on a day you know she is free and hard to say no. It is a direct message that the lady in question can appreciate and knows that you are responsible enough to set up a date.

To use this template, you need to have chatted with her, and you are sure she is comfortable hanging out with you. Try following up with a ‘where should I pick you up?’ text to show you have everything set.

What Are You Doing On This Particular Day?

Try showing interest in meeting the girl by sending this text her side. Specify the day and even time if necessary. Just like the preceding template, you need to be quite sure that she is free on a particular day and won’t mind spending a moment with you.

If she says yes, proceed to let her in on your plan and explain the details. If impressed, you are sure of a date. At times, she may want to know what the idea is, for her to decide. Lay with your letters and make sure you entice her to the deal. In case she says no, try another idea or ask her out on another date in the future.

Hey, What About Dinner Tonight?

Still, on how to ask a girl out by text, try the good old dinner invitation. Try to invite her for dinner and present her with an option of what to have. By doing this, it shows you already had plans for even though abrupt. If she told you she has no engagements on this particular day, then you are sure of a yes.

Make the deal more enticing by adding details of what you will have or where you will go out for the night. Use an emoji to make the pitch more exciting.

Hi, Are You In For A Ride Sometime?

If you have a car and need some company, try to shoot this text message to your object of affection. It could be a road trip, and if she loves adventures and traveling, then this is an excellent way to lighten up her moods. Inquire on the days she has no commitments and invite her out.

If she says yes, then you have a road date. If no, try asking for a day she might be comfortable joining you behind the wheel.

There Is This Event That Would Excite You, Care To Join Me?

If there is an event going on and you feel it is the perfect fit for a date, then invite her out to grave it. Tell her of the occasion and other relevant details such as what it is about and also location. Find out if she can commit to going out with you with a promise of a worthy time.

If the event or the idea of going out impresses her, you are sure of a day out with the apple of your eye. Be responsible and ensure you get everything right for the date.

I Have An Extra Ticket To An Event, Coming With me?

Still talking of events, send this template if you want to take her out to something you deem exciting and fulfilling. When getting the tickets, be sure that the occasion might interest her, and she won’t have any commitments come that day.

Such a text shows you cared enough to get tickets for both of you to have a good time. Do not spare the niceties of the occasion to get her all charged up in anticipation.

What Are You Up To?

The ‘what are you up to?’ text is a spontaneous one that shows you have an idea of something fun to do. A flirty emoji face can top it up to indicate you have a plan for the both of you. If she says she has no engagements at the moment, then proceed to ask her out on a date.

It is a template to opt for to induce the adventure mood, more so if you have something interesting to show her.

Hey, I Got Something For You

Bank on this text template if you have a present for the girl, which even asking her out can fit the bill. It is an excellent way to ask your girl out by text, and the surprise aspect is which you hope on for a positive response.

If she asks what the surprise is, go straight to the point saying you have something for her and you would like to go on a date with her. There is a high chance of you landing a date, so long as you come out clearly in giving your intentions to her.

Hi, We Should Hang Out Sometime?

Try using the ‘we should hang out’ text to show that you have an interest in her. It is a good shot, especially if you live proximal to each other and you have a ton of meet up ideas to spruce your meeting. If she is interested, give her further details, including a day she can sacrifice for you to hang out.

It’s Been Quite Long Without Seeing You

If it is quite some time without seeing each other, send this text to show how much you miss her and want to see her. If she feels the same way, then you expect a ‘when can we meet’ message. Set up your plan and see how you will make your date satisfying.

Tips On Managing To Ask Your Date Out Using Text Messages

Above are some of the templates at your disposal in your bid to know how to ask a girl out by text. Having the templates is not a guarantee but how you play ball at the texting court is a sure way of nailing you a date with the girl you adore.

The following are some of the tips to use to improve your chances of getting a yes when asking to take her out.

Always Ask About Her

Try to know how she is faring by checking up on her. A simple, ‘Hi, how are you doing’ text does justice for you as she knows you care enough to check up on her. Even if you have nothing to tell her, wish her a good day, good night or an excellent time doing whatever she is committing to.

Such a demonstration of concern makes it easier for you to ask her on a date without it looking out of place.

Spice Up Your Messages

Make your texts seem fun and exciting for her to follow to make it easier for her to meet you for your date. Add some humor to crack here up a little to break the ice. Use emoji’s, voice notes and video recordings to add some touch to your texting.

Also try out other social media chatting platforms such as Whatsapp, where you even send images. The more fun the interaction between you is, the higher the chances of scoring a day out with her. So don’t spare any effort in making your exchanges enjoyable. Do not make the conversation to formal as you may present an image of someone rigid.

Be Consistent In Replies

Be consistent in replies and checking up on her to show that you have interest in. Try and be prompt in answering her texts and in case of delay or you are held up, apologize and excuse yourself then promise to get back to her.

If you do not reply to her texts, you might come out as rude or proud. An explanation is welcome and shows that you are responsible.

Exercise Courtesy

You need to let etiquette guide you when chatting up the girl you admire and want to take out. Avoid using vulgar language or that which paints you as arrogant or overbearing. In case of a negative reply when you ask her out, accept her decision and do not belittle or insult her. If interested, ask for the reason for the decline and is she is up for it any other time.

Courtesy also takes you to an earlier point of replying to her messages. Even if you were offline or engaged elsewhere, at least communicate it to her. Do not ignore her messages as you kill your chances of going out with her.

Have A Buildup

When you want to ask her out, have a buildup leading to it to know if you stand a chance should you ask the question. Throw hint, and if she plays along, then you are good to go in asking her for a date. If the response is unsatisfactory, keep trying until she warms up to you, later try her.

Always be ready for a negative response and never should you go on the offensive if she declines your advances.

Know The Slang

In learning how to ask a girl out by text, you need to be aware of the slang she uses for ease in communication. The texting universe has its unique lingo, characterized by short forms and abbreviations. They are easy to grasp, with a companion such as the internet having your back.

Knowing the slang makes you understand what the girl is saying and also eases the tension when you are communicating. When she uses slang, most of the time, it is a hint that she is quite at ease interacting with you.

Learn To Read The Mood

As humans, we are prone to emotional changes, which can affect our judgment. There are times when you will ask her out, but she will decline, not because she does not want, only the mood is not befitting. Try knowing which mood she is on before asking the question.

Cheering her up can work, and can get you a definite answer.

how to ask a girl out by text

How to Ask a Girl Out by Text?

Texting is a fun way of communicating and helps you keep in touch with your close relations. In messaging, you need to earn how to ask a girl out by text as it is one of the main modes of communication to rely on.

There are several templates as highlighted, for you to pick when trying to ask your adored one out on a date. The templates are short though they carry a hint of interest and responsibility when filled with the right words.

Also, there are tips of texting her; you need to know to boost your chances of a positive response. Be consistent in conversing with her, so that when the time for asking her out comes, it is a walk in the park. Be polite and let courtesy guide you during your interaction. Keep off

insults and vulgar language as you might paint a lousy picture towards her.

Make your messages have an elegant touch by including emojis, slang, and even humor when trying to get to her heart.

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