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Top 5 Cool Garage Gadgets to Buy for Your Convenience


Most garages have basic tools that get things done. But there are other cool garage gadgets you might be lacking that could be very useful. These are not necessarily key in performing tasks in your garage but very essential in making your experiences better and operations more seamless.

Your garage is not just a storage space for your car but also provides a workspace and a place to relax. But then there are some gadgets that you can add to your garage and make it more convenient and fun to use. That means a lot. If it has to serve the purpose you need to add a few extras. Yes, a few cool garage gadgets that you should have as part of your garage.

What gadgets are these and gadgets and what convenience can they bring to this space? Save yourself time and effort by reading through the following list of cool garage gadgets that you don’t need, but should buy anyway.

Cool Garage Gadgets

1. Chamberlain Group B970 Smartphone-Quiet & Strong Drive garage Door Opener

Have you ever wondered whether you locked your garage door or not? It can be quite frustrating. Do you drive back or just hope you closed it. Or maybe you have some teens that have just learned how to drive and you are not sure whether they remembered to close the garage door after their driving expeditions?

Chamberlain Group B970 Smartphone-Quiet & Strong Drive Garage Door Opener is what fixes this. What do you think about a gadget that allows you to get real-time garage door alerts and to close, open and know the status of your dear garage door from anywhere on the planet (as long as there is an internet connection)? So, how does it work?

This garage device helps you to simply manage your garage door activities. How? Its inbuilt Wi-Fi app gives you real-time alerts on what’s happening to your garage door. Did you close it? Has someone opened or closed it? This garage tool you garage door issues are well addressed irrespective of where you are.

Note that the device’s Wi-Fi capabilities are for 2.4 GHz only but the manufacturer also provides a comprehensive list of compatible routers that you should check first.

2.     TKach Park Ranger Simple Garage Parking Aid

Parking your auto in the garage might sound easy to some people but it’s not always the case. At times there might be another car in the garage or you or someone else might not be very proficient in getting the car in the exact position you want it. What’s the solution?

Park Ranger Simple Garage Parking Aid is a great solution to this problem. Why struggle as you park your car in a small or congested garage? This tool helps you park your vehicle with precision, front-to-back. Using your home’s Wi-Fi, this gadget enables you to monitor, close, and open your garage door from anywhere. Whether you are on the road, at work or on vacation, you are always in control of your garage door.

This way, it helps you protect the valuables in your garage from being hit by the car as you park. On the same note, it protects your car from being dented by these same valuables in your garage.

But then, this parking assistant is ideal for you if you are the sole driver for your car with exactly the same seat and in the same seating position. Why? Any other driver might have to adjust the alignment of the parking lines. Nevertheless, this gadget is a nice tool for a single-parking garage owner.

3. Universal Lifter, (Smart) Motorized Garage

Some tasks in the garage can be tedious and back-breaking. Take lifting your bike or kayak for example. Do you have to keep straining every time you need to use these items outdoors? This Universal Lifter does the entire lifting job for you.

Just using your smartphone you can easily lift or lower objects with a simple touch of the button. And with a hoist cable measuring 23 ft, you are sure to lift or lower items up to that height.

What about installation? The gadget is pretty easy to install – thanks to its lightweight components. And don’t forget this is one of the cool garage gadgets that come with a speed control capability. This means you can determine the ‘lift and lower’ stopping points. 

With this tool by you don’t have to worry about exceeding the weight capacity. The gadget comes with an overload protection feature that tells you when you are about to reach the desired weight limitations.

4. Magnetic Garage Door Screen-Weighted Bottom-Black 

Bugs and pests can be a nuisance in your garage. This is more so in warm weather when you feel more comfortable doing your chores with the garage door wide open. Yes, that’s when these unwanted visitors get the chance to pay a visit to your garage. Is there a way to keep these intruders at bay and still enjoy the fair weather conditions? 

That’s where the Magnetic Garage Door Screen-Weighted Bottom-Black comes in. What does it do?

As the name rightly suggests, this is a screen- it simply screens the bugs before they get into the garage. This screen allows fresh air to flow through the entire garage making it a super-nice bug-free space.

To achieve this feat the screen features hook and loop fasteners that you see around the entire perimeter of the mesh’s curtain. This prevents those annoying bugs from squeezing through the magnetic sides. 

Something else about this screen is that it’s quite easy to install and it works great even in those windy times. The magnets work well to hold the screen closed. What’s even better, you can hardly doubt the quality of this screen. It’s actually being used within military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Interestingly, this screen is quite versatile. Some users have found additional uses for this gadget – like using it to cover their upstairs patios.

Bear in mind that this screen fits an 8 X 7 ft. and covers a garage door that size. Something else, when you buy this screen remember- don’t hang it too close to your metal garage door (in case yours is one). Why? The screen’s magnets have a tendency to stick to metal. 

Otherwise, this is one of the 5 cool garage gadgets that you don’t need but buy anyway.

5. Sylvania SP303-Heavy Duty Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Working or just relaxing in the garage can be rather boring especially if you love the sound of some favorite tunes. Your cherished tunes and radio stations can lift your spirits and make your day much better.

But how do you get these favorites into your garage without breaking the bank? Though an iPod will do just fine but mere the earbud cord might just mess the party by tangling up during your tasks. What about the radio? Well, not bad but you’ll have to walk over to just tune it or adjust the volume. So what’s one of the cool garage gadgets you can use to solve your passion?

The Sylvania SP303-Heavy Duty Bluetooth Portable Speaker easily solves this. This portable speaker is an excellent companion in the garage. It’s portable, so its use is not just confined to the garage. In fact, you can use it when out camping or anywhere that you want high –quality and great sound in speaker.

Whether you want to connect it to your Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone or any other device this mini-speaker won’t disappoint. It’s water-resistant and shockproof making it a super-nice gadget to have in your garage irrespective of whether it rains or not.

This speaker comes with an in-built FM tuner that is very easy to control using the digital display. The tuner makes it possible for you to access a wide range of radio stations from the comfort of your garage.

And while at it, the battery is quite durable and you don’t have to recharge it often.

Enjoy Your Cool Garage Gadgets

Apart from cleaning the floor of your garage, with these top cool garage gadgets, you can enhance the quality of your garage experience from now henceforth. True, these are not the only cool gadgets you don’t need but have to buy anyway but they suffice to demonstrate the importance of tools you might not have thought very important.

However, any time you go out scouting for such cool garage gadgets you need to remember a few important facts.

  • For every challenge you encounter in the garage there’s a cool garage gadget that effectively addresses the problem.
  • Before you buy the gadget make sure you are pretty sure of what problem you want the gadget to help you solve.
  • Only buy from reputable brands. Check online reviews of the gadget and ascertain you only buy cool garage gadgets that have positive reviews.
  • Buy from reputable online stores. Such stores will have a shipment policy and possible promotions and offer not to forget some warranties just in case the gadget malfunctions

Pick your choice from any of the cool garage gadgets highlighted and make your garage a more friendly space in your home.

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