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Best Icebreakers: How To Fold A Pocket Square Into A Rose And More


Learn how to fold a pocket square into a rose with our step by step guide.

In a suit piece, one of the most underrated accessories is the pocket square. It is a square piece of cloth that you put in the breast pocket of your coat.

It adds a touch of elegance and class when paired carefully, especially with your tie or shirt. For many who don this fantastic accessory, how to fold a pocket square into a rose and many other excellent shapes can improve your appeal.

It is a simple and artistic modification that can uplift your overall style and make you stand out. Let us have a look at some of the unique designs to come up with using the pocket square.

a suit with a rose on it/ how to fold a pocket square into a rose

Folding The Pocket Square Into A Rose

Pocket squares can assume a ton of designs, and the rose is one of the most popular. On how to fold a pocket square into a rose, you start by setting it out flat on a platform. You then fold all its four corners in a manner where all the tips meet at the center.

Lift the folded cloth by carefully pinching all the four tips and also lifting it by its bottom. Try squeezing it in a rolling design so that the corners are at the bottom. Open the folded edges, which will now be your petals. Once done, put it firmly on your coat’s breast pocket for that sophisticated style.

Creating The Rolled Rose From The Pocket Square

If the initial way of how to fold a pocket square into a rose looks quite complicated, then try the rolled rose design. You start by laying the fabric flat on a suitable platform, the fold it diagonally to come up with a triangle.

Start rolling the triangle from its base, going upwards to the top edge. Stop when at least two inches to the tip. Select a side and start rolling going to the opposite corner, also stopping at the two inches mark.

Use the edge left to tug into one of the wraps to secure the rose. Now pull down the upper portion of the rolls to form the petals of the rose.

Turn the pocket square around, and you have your rose. At times use a safety pin to firmly secure the accessory in place.

The Three Stairs Design

Another design to try out to make your outfit look classy is the three stair design. It is a simple design to carry out and takes you a short time to learn and pull it through.

You start by placing your pocket square flat, then fold diagonally in half. The diagonal plane on the cloth forms the first stair. Pinch the overlapping half, roughly three inches from the edge of the diagonal plane and fold it, to create the second stair. Repeat the same process to form the third stair.

Hold the stairs in place and fold the cloth once again diagonally. This step is for securing the stairs firmly. Fold the right edge, behind toward the left, and do the same for the left, back, and towards the right. Finish by folding the bottom part or secure it with a safety pin. Adjust to the right size for your pocket and complete your look.

The Classic Fold

The classic fold is the most tranquil fold design for your pocket square. It is versatile for various settings, both casual and formal, where you pull it comfortably, with it hardly going wrong.

With the pocket cloth laid flat, fold it lengthwise in half then fold the bottom edge to meet the top corner. You then make a final lengthwise fold to fit the size of your breast pocket, and you are solid. It is suitable for both solid colors and floral prints.

The Crown And Puff Fold

Once you know how to fold a pocket square into a rose, go for slightly intricate designs. The crown and puff fold are two types of folds, where one model is the reverse of the other. Though their creation is the same.

Pinch your well-laid pocket piece by the center and try to ring it using your thumb and index finger. Firmly secured, insert it in your pocket as the puff fold with the edges going inside with the puff on the outside.

Reverse it and let the tips show on the outside as the crown fold. For the crown fold, try spacing the points to bring out a lovely crown.

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The Single Peak Fold

The single peak fold is an excellent design, suitable for solid colored pocket pieces such as red, maroon or black. Start by having the pocket piece in a diamond position then fold it in half so that the left corners meet the corners on the right.

Fold it in half again, this time for the top edges to meet the bottom edges. Try bringing both the left and right corner to the center to form a funnel-like shape. Fold the bottom part and adjust accordingly to fit the pocket.

The Fan Pocket Square Fold

Fanfold is a fantastic design to try out. It complements floral print wear or a mix and match style. Starting with a flat laid pocket cloth, fold it in half width-wise to create a rectangle.

Then fold the pocket square in pleats, each measuring an inch in width. Press firmly on each fold to get the perfect shape.

Bring the pleated pocket square together in the manner of an accordion and secure it either using a rubber band or pin. Spread the fan at the top and lower the secured bottom into the breast pocket.

The Inception Fold

The inception fold is an outstanding design to try out, mainly if you are experimental. It is quite similar to how to fold a pocket square into a rose, considering it is also wrapped in the same manner.

Lay the fabric in a diamond shape to start, then roll both the right and left edges until they meet at the center. Fold the bottom part and turn it over to a point where its side occurs above the previous corner.

Bring the left and right flaps together to envelope the design. Insert it in your pocket to be amazed by its look, where you may think there are two squares.

The Slope Pocket Square Fold

The slope pocket square fold is complex at first to grasp its design. However, with practice, it is easy to nail. Start by laying the handkerchief in a diamond position. Fold it in half to get a triangle shape.

However, one edge should overlap the other. Diagonally fold the right corner to take up a steep peak, then fold it to the back leftwards.

Fold the left side to the front extending its edge to the back to make the design firm. Slip it to your pocket for an elegant style.

The Christmas Tree Design

The Christmas tree design is another unique fold that is also complex. On a flat surface, lay your handkerchief in a diamond configuration. Fold it diagonally to get a rectangle shape, then another preceding fold into a square. Pick the corner featuring open tips and start to fold the edges or leaves up.

Turn the pocket fabric and start folding the other side too. Put the fabric at 180 degrees and start working on the leaves by folding them back. Once through, tuck it into your pocket,

Working With Pocket Square Designs For Amazing Folds

Above are some of the many folds to look at in a bid to up your suit game. Starting with how to fold a pocket square into a rose, you get an insight into others such as the Christmas tree and the simple classic fold. When settling on a particular design, look at factors such as the color as the simple folds go well with solid colors.

The sophisticated designs, such as the slope pocket square fold or fan design, are good with a blend of colors. The occasion you are gracing also determines the creativity to pull with the pocket kerchief creations. For formal events, keep it simple, but bring the best if it is something casual.

pocket square in use

That’s How to Fold a Pocket Square Into a Rose and Other Shapes

If you are the fashion-savvy type, then you should not miss having a pocket square on your suit. It adds some tone to your attire, especially if matching with maybe your tie, hat, or shirt. Make your attire more exciting by trying out some of the folds highlighted above.

Most are very simple to come up with, and with your creativity in play, more designs can come your way. One of the best models is the rose fold, which you create in two ways. For an occasion such as a wedding, this accessory can make you stand out style-wise.

Try different colors of the pocket piece experimentally with the several designs for a unique look. For a casual occasion, the fan or Christmas tree kerchief fold is one to look at. Also, find the perfect chinos to go with your look.

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