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Here’s how You Find the Perfect Chinos


Chinos are one of the most versatile fashion items that work with almost any physique, any occasion and any time of the day. If you are slender and tall, then these pants should be your best friends forever. For all that anybody can look is “awesome” in chinos. However, they must know the two rules of wearing them correctly.

Acknowledge your fit

Chinos are tricky when it comes to finding a fit, especially for those guys who are reluctant about their style anyway. Before you get overwhelmed, just go and find out your inseam and waist measurement. When in a clothing store, you must not forget to try as many chinos as you possibly can. If you have not tried them before, then it’s essential that you take one from each brand.  After wearing all of them, preferably in front of a sane friend, you will get to know about the brand that makes the most comfortable chinos as per your bodily measurements and proportions.

Normally, a straight leg or a slim cut version will be perfect. Also, always go for 100% cotton and do not buy chinos with pleats unless you want to attend a decade-themed party. After choosing the best fit, you will have to consider the exact cut of your choice. The decision depends on the occasion for which you are shopping.

For casual days with friends, you can go for a low rise and a worn look which is aesthetically appealing. In this way, you never look overdressed while your style quotient explodes with charisma.  For instance, a pair meant for formal events should be made up of a smooth fabric with a higher rise. Also, it must portray clean lines to compliment the seriousness of the situation. On the other hand, a chino meant for rough usage should be made out of heavy fabric to withstand the rugged conditions.

Get them tailored

Preferably, you must search for a chino with the perfect fit off the rack. But in case you find a suitable fabric with lose fitting, you must try to make adjustments. Go, make friends with a tailor who knows your style and also has the skills to perfect your chino’s measures. Remember, it’s better to let the professional handle his job instead of trying DIY methods to “fix” your pants. 

With less time and effort, you will get to wear a super fitted chino which looks elegant and well-made if you hire a professional. As a point of advice, try to keep your chinos as classic as possible.  This simple style is a timeless look which will work in the majority of situations.  Do not force yourself into copying a style; just go with the flow.

Be sure about the color you want to pick and whether you want to roll the end cuffs or not.  Furthermore, avoid pockets that drive away from the trim lines of your pants. Ask you tailor to cut the chinos right at your ankles as it provides an elongated look.

That’s it! Go rock your look!

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