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How to Shine A Leather Sofa The Right Way


Physical strength and a rigorous cleaning routine don’t help when it comes to cleaning a leather sofa. There are numerous ways a leather sofa can get spoiled, and without adequate knowledge, the chances of a blunder are really high. Hence, you must know about the correct technique of cleaning the sofa. 

To start with, you will need distilled water, soft rags, linseed oil, commercial leather conditioner, a vacuum cleaner with soft-brush attachment, white vinegar, 2 buckets, a spray bottle, and liquid moisturizing body soap.

Before anything else, you will have to vacuum the couch to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris with a soft brush attachment. While using the vacuum you should aim for the hidden and narrow parts of the sofa as the majority of dust rests there and they are also hard to clean.

Now take a bucket and fill in one qt. distilled water in it.  Then, pour some liquid moisturizing body soap in the bucket before mixing the soap and water together. Important note- only use distilled water as tap water usually contains chlorine and other contaminants that might corrupt the leather. Next, you will have to fill another bucket with distilled water for rinsing purposes.

Thereupon, take a soft cloth, dip it in water and wring it out thoroughly.  By wiping in a circular motion, you will have to mop the leather couch with the damp rag. You should stay keen on cleaning one section at a time as soapy water tends to dry quickly.

After wiping thoroughly, you must clean the entire section with a rag from the bucket of clean water. You should use a different cloth to clean every section as a filthy rag will diminish your leather’s shine. After using the process for the entire sofa, you will have to use a leather conditioner to shine the surface. One can buy a commercial conditioner or make your own by mixing some linseed oil and vinegar together.  You can use a new spray bottle for sprinkling the mixture evenly.

Make sure that the rag has been further cleaned before spraying the conditioner. Now wipe the entire sofa in a circular motion. Wait for ten minutes till the conditioner does its work. For best finish buff the leather as much as you possibly can and your sofa will look like a new buy.


Although cleaning a sofa is quite an easy task, yet there are essential things that should be kept in mind.  Make sure that you read the cleaning instructions labeled on your leather.  There are numerous leather varieties that have specific washing process. There is no benefit in putting all the work if the ingredients corrode your leather.

Even after the ingredients match the description of cleaning items for your leather, you should test them on a smaller and hidden surface first. We cannot be sure about the products we use and should inspect their legitimacy before applying them on our expensive sofa.

Remember, you must do regular sofa cleanups as leather is notorious for holding dust.  Nonetheless, do not overdo or rub the couch, or it will deteriorate quickly.

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