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Drool Over These Latest Furniture Trends


Don’t even think about making the right impression on your guests if you don’t know how to buy furniture. Whether it is made of wood, metal, or plastic, furniture is the focal point of any room. Get this feature wrong, and your whole décor ideas go for a toss. If you are serious about making your home look good and trendy, try one of these amazing furniture trends.

Oxidized Oak

It’s time to let go of the old furniture and buy some oxidized oak. In contrast to the original white oak, our first entry on the list looks rich and fashionable at the same time. Manufacturers are adding more cabinets into the table for better utilization of space. It is best for those who are in search of grounding and comforting table to rest their feet while sipping a hot coffee.

Multifunctional furniture

Amidst all the chaos you might be experiencing right now; multifunctional furniture is a symbol of stability and usefulness. More and more people are trying to simplify how their home looks and works. The desire for refinement is complemented by a furniture type which not only saves space but also looks elegant and presentable. The idea is to use our space more intelligently.

Handcrafted materials

Times have changed for good, and handcrafted aesthetics are returning back to their glory days. Currently, people are more interested in buying statement pieces instead of mass-produced goods.  The love for exclusivity is taking over, and we are hoping for better and more imposing handcrafted materials in 2019.

Blush tones

This year, blush has taken the coveted spot of neutral coloring. This color tone is mixed with natural and greys to create a calming palette. Thus, it is completely different from the use of bold colors prevalent a few years ago. People often use this shade with forest green and navy to create a unique and pleasing look.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are “THE” hottest new fad in the interior décor industry. Now, developers are highly recommending loose, asymmetrical, and over the top symbols of luxury that does not define a specific pattern. Thus, more space is being used with nothingness. The blankness cultivated by these patterns is soothing, and its beauty depends on the viewer’s outlook.

Small details

Decorators are now more focused on enhancing the details instead of filling the blank space in your room. These details range from wall patterns, upholstery to furniture and plants.  People are using contrasting furniture, colors, and designs that fit in perfectly. Not only they look captivating but also reflect the owner’s unique personality.


Antiques have made their way back into modern home decoration. Nowadays, people are inclined towards telling a story through their furniture. They want to add in a personality, a soul, and an idea to their rooms. Don’t forget that minimalism is at its peak right now and people are more interested in buying an antique piece of art instead of overwhelming curtains.  

Trends help us shape our homes to work along with our times. Follow them and see how you can make the best use of space available to you.

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