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Creating a Perfect Dining Room


Dining rooms have undergone numerous makeovers with every new interior designing trends taking over the stage now. They have given us reasons to explore our creativity in a way we couldn’t imagine before. But, the fundamentals of an awesome looking dining room have never changed. Let us explore the essential elements that create a perfect hub for our guests.


According to my experience, drapery is the most elegant element in a dining room. The decoration gives a complete and smooth look to the room while softening the wall edges. Due to the smoothness, a dining room feels more comfortable, especially on holidays. You can either cover the whole window with suitable fabric or can also deploy stationary panels to improve your room’s personality. Make sure that the fabric, pattern, and colors complement your walls and furniture. Your dining room should look like a planned assembly of decorations, not a canvas of contradictory colors.


A statement table is the center point of a dining room. It is the key to add charisma and stability in any room for that matter. A table holds great importance even if you like to dine outdoors. The structural strength of a table also provides a sense of balance in the atmosphere. For outdoor diners, I would suggest a naturally shaped table, which is a subtle character. Such tables are better complemented by clean-lines chairs which are light and bright. Talking about indoor tables, they should fit perfectly in comparison to the room dimensions. Anything too small or big will give a feeling of underutilized space or a clustered area. The chairs should match the table’s height, length, color, texture, design, and its overall framework.


For most people, a chandelier is a thing of the past, but in reality, its presence adds a touch of richness in the room. It is the most striking aspect of your dining room, which provides an air of warmth and seriousness in the ambiance. There are abundant lighting options, and you should regularly experiment with changing the entire look of your room. However, I do not recommend a chandelier for a smaller dining room as it will overfill the already tiny space. Keep in mind that the entire decoration must be in beat with the chandelier or it will look odd.


Artwork should reflect your personality to the core. There is no need to hang miscellaneous paintings on the wall if they do not showcase your thoughts and don’t match the room setting. Be choosy in deciding the artwork as some guests may be quite peculiar about your artistic taste. You can also add artwork in lamps, lights, cushions, and anything else which has the potential to portray your image. Do not go for cheap and fake paintings as it will build a negative image of your thought concepts.


A dining room can also be created, keeping in mind the guidelines of minimalism. Anyhow, try to establish a unique setting which is in term with what you do and how you entertain people. Finally, think a lot and do not hesitate in making permanent changes in your dining room.

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