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Don’t Be Afraid Of Cleaning the Basement


They are the messiest space in our homes, basements have been an overlooked area since the beginning of time. We tend to ignore the importance of having a cleaner basement. This area ends up in moisture, dirt, and debris from things that we never use. Flush off the hesitancy and understand the correct method to sanitize a filthy basement. 

Plan wisely

Before anything else, prepare yourself mentally and physically to spend the next two days in the basement. Always pick a day when you do not have outdoor meetings as a single break from cleaning will demoralize your wish to enter the basement again. Basement cleaning cannot be completed in a few hours but can surely run for weeks if you do not plan.

Moreover, stop yourself from reminiscing over the good old days. It’s better to clean the basement first instead of thinking about your past life while holding an old photo.


To be on the safer side, you cannot walk straightaway into a basement that has not been cleaned in years.  Wear old clothes which cover your body completely as you are about to get dirty. It’s better to use a face mask for protection from mold spores, dust, and allergens. Also, wear ankle-length shoes, goggles, and rubber gloves throughout the process.

Lighting matters

You never know what has been lurking in your basement. First of all, wash the windows to get adequate light in the room. You should also carry a few lamps and a torch for hidden and tight places.  

Take a note

Pick out the items that occupy the most space in your basement. Majority of these objects are obsolete and should be condemned immediately. However, even if you think of restoring them, there is no point in keeping them in the basement. Carry these items out in the garden to entertain the remaining objects. Free up as much space as you can without making excessive efforts.

Start the cleaning

After getting the clutter out and clearing the floor, we are ready to deep clean the basement.  Take a heavy-duty vacuum and suck in all the debris from the floor and cobwebs on the ceiling and in the corners. Create a soapy mixture to mop the floor thoroughly. Make sure that you use a dehumidifier to dry the entire room, or things will stain again. Once done, take a dry cloth and wipe the dust off the freestanding containers and shelving units.

Also, search for water problems as numerous basements are prone to flooding. Take necessary actions in case you find any water damage. Now, clean any and everything you find in the room. Finally, put back all the stuff you need, and your basement will be as good as new.


Basements are quite tricky when it comes to cleaning, and you should act per the issues you are dealing with.  Take hints from the above-mentioned tips but do not forget to take any mandatory step to make basement cleaning easier and safer.

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