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What’s Hot About This New Male Fashion Trend?


There is no doubt that the Male Hairstyles of this year is more stylish, modern, and edgy. Even if they are not your favorite style, you cannot deny that every man nowadays wants to look his best. If you are one of those men who are not that confident when it comes to choosing the right kind of suit or trouser or shirt for himself then you must have a great time finding one. This is because Male Hairstyles of today has become so perfect and trendy that any man can easily achieve an edgy and unique look without having to spend a fortune. And to top it all off the result is that your whole personality will be seen through your new menswear.

If we had to point out the first male style of the year then it would definitely have to be the Brunello Cucine. It was designed by none other than fashion designer, Christian Dior, with the intention of making a statement. The result was nothing short of spectacular. The first male style to rock the tuxedo was born from the combination of high glamour with a simple elegance, a classic cut and a tailored simplicity.

But before we discuss this fantastic Male Hairstyles of the year let us first take a look at the man’s choice of colors this year. A new trend has been brought about by wearing darker hues such as navy blue or charcoal gray as a means to create the illusion of a broader face. Not only will you appear to have a bigger face, but you will also find yourself looking much more handsome.

Another recent development in the world of fashion has been something new called the Reddit Male Hairstyle. This is something that was born out of the highly popular and controversial community on the social networking website known as Reddit. Reddit is the website where millions upon millions of editors gather to share and view various content. In one fell swoop redditors have the ability to Style their hair however they choose.

It all started with an interview with the lead singer of one of America’s favorite band, Weezer. In a Reddit post he was asked what his hairstyle was and he said “red-carpet, black cowboy, long black trenchcoat, short black trenchcoat, long black trenchcoat”. This is something that any man with even a modicum of sense and intelligence could have seen coming. Weezer was not the first artist to put this style together, but he was definitely the last to do it.

In short redditors have taken what they saw in Weezer’s video, and applied it to the fashion designer industry. Now the fashion designer is not going to be seen without his trench coat, and the male actors are not going to wear black pants and shirts to portray their masculinity. This is the genius of the new age. The internet has given the ordinary person the opportunity to take part in something that only a few short years ago was only available to those with the money to do so.

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