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Bad Haircut? 10 Ways To Fix Men’s Short Hair Cuts


Grooming is an essential day to day activity for the sake of your decency and presentation. As you step out stylishly dressed, one area you should not overlook is your hair. When talking about hair, there is a wrong assumption that the target is only for ladies. No, that should never be the case as the hair is also a considerable part of men’s persona. One area you need to look into dealing with hair is to fix a short haircut.

To maintain your short hair, you need to trim it, especially if it grows fast regularly. The problem comes when you have a terrible haircut. It is a common occurrence, maybe if you were in a hurry or chose the wrong barber. Say goodbye to bad hair days with the following tricks to fix a short haircut gone wrong.

a man cutting the hair of another

Level It Up

One of the ways to fix a short haircut is to trim it once again to a level that conceals the damage. If the trim went too deep in one part leaving a contour-like appearance, then trim down to the lowest level. To do this, you will need to visit a professional barber or let someone else do it for you.

When leveling, take note of the shaver you use and make sure it has a comb clip, or it may otherwise cause further damage. Your hair type also determines if leveling up is the way to go. For smooth hair, it is a good option unlike for coarse or kinky hair types.

Go Bald

For some, their mane is their definitive characteristic and need some hair on their head for their comfort. However, if you have a bad haircut, you may have no option but to lose the hair. Going bald is another way to opt for to deal with a flopped short haircut.

One good thing about going bald is that hardly can you go wrong when trimming your hair to the scalp level. Though you will look quite different, it is a style to try out, and who knows you may look better with this style. It is an excellent path to pick if the haircut is severely bad and irredeemable.

Try Styling The Hair

At times, it is better to own the mistake and make something better out of it. When you have a messed up haircut, try to be proud of it and sport a style based on it. For instance, if you have an irregular cut on the side of your head, get a trusted barber to level up the other side for a jar-head look.

The barber can also make some tweaks, where the cut gone wrong creates a foundation of a style such as wordings or such. More emphasis is one the person handling the styling as he or she needs some level of creativity to pull the move excellently.

a person cutting hair

Cover Your Head

If the mess on your hair is severe and you do not dare to own it, then you cover it up. When opting to take cover for the wrong haircut, you need to consider aspects such as your work and what is acceptable as cover for your hair.

A decent hat can do during workdays as long as it meets the dressing code. If you are not at work, get a cap that you are comfortable with and which matches your style. Sometimes a hooded sweatshirt can do the trick where you pull the hood over your head.

Covering your head is suitable if you have fast-growing hair as you do not want to wear a hat all the time lest your peers notice something is amiss.

Dye Your Hair

When it comes to matters of the hair, a dye is an excellent cover-up material and can help fix short haircuts gone messy. Dying is a good option if the extent of the damage is not so severe, like a small patch. You need to choose hair dye with the same color as your hair for proper concealment.

If you are experimental, then try out other dyes in the messed up area which works in a similar vein as styling up. Let a professional handle the dying process if you have never handled hair dye before for guaranteed excellent results.

Hide it By Combing Over

For smooth short hair, try covering up the haircut hitch by passing a comb over it. Using a comb is a nice choice for a less messy hitch on your scalp. Use the mirror when fixing your hair to make sure that it is properly concealed. If you have smooth hair, the better as it smoothly flows and can remain in the same structure for long.

Do not touch your hair after combing it as you may unknowingly expose the bad haircut.

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Try Using Hair Products

Apart from hair dye, there are other hair products to bank on to help rectify a short haircut gone wrong. For flowing hair, some gel can work out correctly by evenly spreading the hair. It can help cover up patches or level up contours that come as a result of poor shaving.

Also, try out hair growth products to fasten hair growth and rejuvenate your hair back to its normal state in a short time.

a person trimming a man's hair/ how to fix a short haircut

Give Time

Time resolves a lot of issues to fix a short haircut, and your messy hair is no exception. You need to be patient and let your hair grow back to the natural form as desired. If your hair grows fast, then the better as you won’t wait long before you fix the mess.

You may try some products as mentioned above for faster growth. Natural products are the best as they come with minimal side effects if present at all.

Try The Man Weave

Believe it or not, we have the man weave. It is just like the ordinary weaves only that it takes a suitable design wearable by men and is a quick way to fix a short haircut. You can temporarily use it to correct the failed short haircut. New age barbershops offer this service where you have some glue applied to your head to attach the weave. The barber then trims the artificial hair to the desired form, and you are good to go.

The good thing with this procedure is that the glue is not permanent and won’t cause any damage to your scalp. Also, it allows your hair to grow back while still concealing the mess.

Sort Out Preventive Measures To Prevent A Repeat

Prevention is always the right path, where you learn from your mistake of what practices to avoid for a nice short haircut. If it was poor handling of the shaver the look for a professional to handle it next time

Taking Care Of Short Hair

As earlier hinted, one way to deal with a bad short hair problem is by observing preventive measures. Taking care of short hair should not be a hassle, and the following are some of the tips to look at to prevent having a bad short haircut.

Get The Right Equipment

If you prefer to shave at home, then you should get the right equipment. Among the equipment should be the right shaver, scissors, combs of assorted sizes and the right hair products. At times, minor problems with the equipment such as the hair clipper can lead to a crooked haircut. With these tools, you are also ready to fix a short haircut problem, should you find yourself in the situation.

Visit The Right Joints

If you cannot tackle trimming your hair on your own, then the other option is to get the right pro. Look for an excellent barbershop where they offer proper services. You are sure to come out with a smooth haircut with a guarantee of no mistakes.

Know The Products You Use

You might use some hair products to improve the health of your hair and give it a decent look. However, you need to know the products and how they interact with each other. Some products may react badly and lead to hair loss or other consequences. It is a lousy occurrence that can compromise the integrity of your hair. You can talk with your barber or hair care expert for advice on the right products to use with no adverse effects.

Also, make sure the hair is clean for ease in its maintenance.

 person styling another's hair/ fix a short haircut

Fix a Short Haircut Conclusion

A short hairdo is one of the most straightforward hairstyles to find that is easy to maintain. When going for a haircut, ensure you have the right equipment if you are clipping your hair by yourself. If you are not good at it, then look for a standout professional who knows to fix a short haircut.

Highlighted above are some ways to employ in the event of a crooked short hair maintenance session. Always try to be preventive to avoid getting yourself in a bad hair day situation. If luck is not on your side, try going bald or coming up with your unique design based on the hitch.

It is advisable to sign up with a right barber to not only fix your short haircut but to also offer tidbits on your hair maintenance practices.

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