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The Laws of Painting Your Home


Nothing is more satisfying than painting your room. The task of colouring walls as per your wish is both creative and amusing. After all, it’s effortless, inexpensive, and all your issues with your home decor can be fixed with a little more colour. Nonetheless, experienced painters have developed some fundamentals of painting which should be acknowledged before picking up the brush.

Plan to perfect

Before doing anything else, you must develop an image of your room painted with the colours of your choice in mind. It will allow you to decide the correct colour combination for your room.  Don’t limit your thoughts to create a socially acceptable colour scheme. Make sure to do proper prep work like caulking before painting if need be. It’s all in your head, and you can check out every possible blueprint for painting your room perfectly.

Take time to choose the colour

While physically choosing a colour, you can get easily overwhelmed with the choices available. There are hundreds of hues for one basic colour which can be time-consuming and confusing, to say the least. Select the right colour after deciding its shade as per your furniture and the characteristic of the room.  Pick some shades and test them on your walls at different times of the day. Some of the websites allow you to experiment with different colours on your room’s wall. But their presentation can be a bit different from real-world appearance.

Pick the correct tools

In spite of your room’s requirements, there are few tools that come handy to every painter.  You should have a paint roller, drop cloths, sandpaper, and paint tray to work smoothly.  The more obvious things are painter’s tape, paint roller extension pole, putty knife, rags, paint brushes and of course paint.

Determine paint’s quantity intelligently

As per my rule of thumb, you should use one gallon of paint per 400 square feet. If you want to be more precise, then calculating paint requirements through online calculators will be a smart move.  These calculators determine the exact amount of paint you need after acknowledging door and window dimensions.

While whitewashing a wall with a dark colour, you will need extra paint.  One can also apply a grey tinted primer to reduce the number of coats on the wall.  If you are painting a textured wall, then do carry extra cans of paint.

Decide the painting technique

Work from top to bottom after completing the ceiling. If you are going for a two-color scheme, then it’s better to paint the darker walls first. Tape the edges to prevent colors from mixing.  Usually, I brush the side and edges of the wall before filling in space with a paint roller. You should aim for making a big W when using a roller for painting.  Let the walls dry and apply the second application only after there is no moisture on the wall.


Take ample time to apply the colour coats. Use your creativity to create new patterns on the wall and if necessary, do not shy away from experimentation. Lastly, clean your painting tools thoroughly. Once the paint on them dries, they will be of no use.

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