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10 Best Men’s Fitness Magazines in the United States


There are lots of fantastic men’s fitness magazines in the United States. Most of them address men’s nutrition, health, fitness, sex and relationship issues, and more. Among the hundreds in the entertainment and health industries, we have come down to 10 best men’s fitness magazines.

The list is based on other men’s views and the numbers of copies circulating the market. We are positive that they are a great resource for your health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

The Best Men’s Fitness Magazines

men's fitness magazines

1. Men’s Fitness Magazines

Men’s Fitness Magazine is undoubtedly the best magazine issue for fitness freaks who envy a fit and slim appearance. It covers issues nutrition, weight loss, fitness, style, and sports in a very easy but in-depth manner.

Published by AMI/Weider Publications Inc., the magazine is divided into:

  • Look great & upgrade. A section that contains information about different fashion styles.
  • Where to buy. Readers are guided on how and where to purchase fitness products.
  • Focus section that addresses general body wellness and sleep issues.
  • The guide to blasting fat. A section that covers different rituals and routines that hasten fat loss.

The Look Great Issue. If you are looking for fitness tips that promise excellent results within a very short period, then you Men’s Fitness Magazine covers anything you need in this journey. And as usual, it doesn’t disappoint.

It is available in all major book stores in the USA and on Amazon.

2. Muscle & Fitness Magazine

If you are looking for tips to enhance your workout, then Muscle & Fitness has all that, plus a whole lot of other issues. Apart from muscle building tips, muscular exercises, food, and nutrition, every issue of this magazine comes with expert advice on men’s fitness, dietary recommendations, and reviews of wellness products and supplements. In real terms, Muscle & Fitness Magazine is the one-stop hub for all information you need to remain fit.

Also published by AMI/Weider Publications Inc., this magazine rides on the pledge to help readers get fit, even a little bit because it is important for the body. Expert tips from professional bodybuilders, weightlifters, renown athletes, and sports personalities are essential in helping readers to perform well during physical activities.

By grabbing a copy of the magazine, you are sure to get the strength and energy to feel as good as possible.

Special issues: Fat Burn Issue, Nutritional Issue, CrossFit Issue, Annual Buyer’s Guide, Annual Beginner’s Guide, and Arms Issue. 

Copies of the magazines are available on Amazon and other book stores.

3. Men’s Health Magazine

First published in 1987, Men’s Health magazine has grown tremendously to become the world’s leading men’s fitness magazine. Every issue of the magazine seems like a professional trainer. That’s how good it is. Currently, it has a circulation of 44 different editions, and a readership of 1.8 million daily. The digital version of the magazine is reported to have a readership of over 40 million people in one month.

It is without a doubt that this is the most credible and trusted magazine in the category of men’s fitness magazines.

One observation; the magazine does not focus on men’s health alone these days. It also covers a holistic view of men’s issues such as fitness, nutrition, sex, fashion, grooming, finances, weight loss, gadgets, workouts, technology, travel, and relationship issues. It comes with lots of useful tips on overall well-being for men.

With sections such as Ask Men’s Health, The Girl Next Door, Bulletin, Jimmy the Bartender, and Useful Stuff, then the Rodale Inc.-published magazine is the best fit for you.

Grab your copy of the Men’s Health magazine at and other book stores. 

men's fitness magazines

4. Muscular Development Magazine

One of the best men’s magazines in the United States, Muscular Development is a fitness and bodybuilding magazine that solely targets men. Founded by Hoffman Bob, the magazine made its debut to the men’s fitness magazines of the United States in 1964.

Muscular Development focuses on bodybuilding, nutrition, and men’s wellbeing. It has experienced a lot of transformation, ranging from editorial policy to ownership and management. It is popular for including and maintaining an ongoing comic section, thanks to illustrator Lyman Dally. After Steve Blechman bought the magazine in 2001, it also changed its editorial policy to cover hard-core body-building, laying little focus on fitness.

5. Men’s Journal

As its name suggests, Men’s Journal also solely targets men. Its motto-total body fitness made simple- seems to communicate everything you need to know as regards wellness and men’s fitness. Founded and published for the first time in 1992 by Wenner Media, it was sold to American Media Inc. in 2017. Its editorials cover both indoor and outdoor recreation, style, fashion, gear, health, fitness, environmental issues, and many more issues.

Each monthly issue of Men’s Journal has three subsections, namely:

  • Notebook. This subsection covers the latest trends, style, fashion and designs, destinations, and men’s fitness products.
  • Gear Lab. Here, you get a buyer’s guide with listings of tested and approved toys, tools and tech essentials.

One strategy that the men’s fitness magazine has applied to ensure it remains a credible authority of news is by hiring fitness and wellness experts to test various products.

The best performing products earn a place in the December special issue –Gear of the year.

Since August of 2017, Men’s Journal increased the space allocated to men’s fitness. The issue count was also increased to 12 annually. Readers recognize Men’s Journal as a fantastic Men’s fitness magazine with a sense of adventure. Its April 2004 issue was even carried to space.

Apart from men’s issues, food, women, travel, and style are the other most explored issues in the magazine. 

Notable cover page personalities: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Wahlberg, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downer, Jimmy Fallon, Harrison Ford, Rafael Nadal, Anthony Bordain, JJ Watt, Liam Neeson, Daniel Craig, and Anderson Cooper.

6. WebMD the Magazine

The editorial team at WebMD digital magazine believes that overall wellbeing and body fitness are the most important building blocks for a healthy human being. Unlike its rivals in the men’s fitness magazine category, WebMD publishes issues about fitness every day.

Its team of writers and columnists is mostly comprised of medical and wellness experts and professionals, which explains why the digital fitness magazine is growing in popularity at a very high speed. 

Some of the most important issues that covers include:

  • Fitness, exercise,
  • Health
  • Extreme workouts
  • Drugs and supplements
  • Food and nutrition
  • Healthy living
  • Weight loss and management
  • Obesity
  • Aging
  • Expert advice

The tips available at the digital magazine help readers start, complete and maintain the fitness journey. If the thousands of reviews about the magazine are anything to go by, then WebMD has already won trust from its readers.

They believe that fitness is the ability of an individual to perform excellently in a given physical activity, and that is why most of their interesting articles are tailored purely to fitness. In fact, most men who are also ardent readers of the magazine say that its tips and guides helped them achieve full strength and energy to feel good as much as possible.

Covering expert advice on bodybuilding and fitness, supplementary reviews, food and nutrition, and numerous other tips for remaining fit, WebMD free digital magazine is a reliable hub for cutting edge information on men’s fitness. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular online men’s magazines in the United States.

7. Trail Runner Magazine

Trail Runner Magazine is yet another men’s fitness magazine, but it is tailored to the needs of every adventurous fitness enthusiast. It is a magazine and website that covers the spectrum of running-aided fitness information.

It does not disappoint, especially for runners who prefer off-road locations. Full of high quality and attractive photographs of popular running trails, it denies you the chance of ignoring the need to plan your next adventure trail run.

Additionally, Trail Runner Magazine covers a whole of other issues such as weight training, gear, food, and nutrition, still with a sense of adventure. It is reported that the magazine has a very huge readership in the US and across the globe.

8. Runner’s World Magazine

Runner’s World magazine is a US-based magazine that commands, a wide readership from all corners of the globe. But its major target is certainly the world of athletes and people who want to kick start their fitness journey through running. It is one of my favourite men’s fitness magazines for inspiration.

For all your running needs, Runner’s World Magazine has all the information you need, so it has got you covered. Products and supplement reviews, running gear, techniques, events, plus numerous other such issues are widely covered in every issue of the magazine.

Save for the lots of advertisements that the magazine comes with, there are very many interesting and thought-provoking articles that you can read to enhance your fitness levels. The exciting part is the included guides to exercise and workouts to try out. There are also a few healthy recipes to try out during your free time.

For aspiring workout and gym rats, there is enough reading material to justify investing in one of their subscriptions.

men's fitness magazines

9. Bicycling Magazine

When looking at men’s fitness magazines, it is important to look at cycling as well. This is because other people draw body fitness from cycling. In real terms, cycling can help you lose a lot of unnecessary fats and body weight.

Bicycling is a men’s magazine that covers the spectrum of cycling and related information. Mostly covering road cycling, dirt riding, and mountain cycling, Bicycling magazine gives you the much-needed motivation while you plan to train. It also gives you maintenance guides and other practical information. Its major emphasis on taking action.

Additionally, Bicycling magazine features expert advice on daily rituals and practices for riders. The list of the newest bicycle rides is also as important to riders as the information itself. Finally, it comes with the Photo Special subsection that appeals to both the eye and the heart.

10. OnFitness Magazine

One of the greatest challenges for aging men has to be body fats. But a perfect blend of 31 Minutes Challenge, Train for Power, Leg Day, Arms Issue, and a whole lot of ‘How to’ interesting articles for a magazine is just amazing.

OnFitness magazine is yet another men’s fitness magazine, whose fitness tips can be very helpful if applied well. A quick scan online will give you tons of positive reviews about the renowned magazine.

There are a few interesting articles and ’31 minutes’ challenges that promise excellent results for great performance at physical activities. Then the magazine also comes with good recipes for you to try out. However, the most exciting part about the magazine has to be the subsection with new workouts and exercises. This could be the major reason why the magazine boasts of a readership of about 1,901,100 people from across the U.S. every month, outflanking rivals by a large margin.

OnFitness is undoubtedly a fantastic men’s fitness and health magazine covering latest and trending health news, expert advice on innovative exercise techniques, strategies, beauty tips, emotional welfare, and numerous other issues as regards men’s fitness.

Other content in the magazine revolves around human relationships, behavior, anxiety, and associated psychological issues.

Published by the Southern Progress Corp US Inc., OnFitness magazine contains the following main subsections:

  • Best Life Now. This section touches on general men’s wellness and fitness, health, and beauty.
  • Great Food. Here, you find different food recipes, eating habits and tips for nutrition.
  • Build a Better…
  • Live Healthily. Self-diagnostic methods and wellness news can be found here.
  • Love your looks. This subsection covers tips for aging men to look younger, beauty tips, best shape, how to manage indulgence, and much more.

To achieve a good appearance that appeals to both the eye and heart, you need to practice some rituals that will make you appear younger. For body fitness and anything having to do with that, OnFitness is the definitive authority on techniques, news, latest trends and beauty tips.

Final Thoughts

The above list contains names of leading men’s fitness magazine brands. All of them are boosted with 1 million+ readers both online and offline, according to audited and reported circulation numbers in the U.S. Such huge readership places them as the most credible and authoritative magazines. Grabbing a copy of any of them would be of great help. 

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best men’s fitness magazines!

If you’re interested in self development, check out our guide to boosting charisma here.

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