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The Essence of a Minimalistic Home


Minimalistic living has become a viral craze, especially among the millennial generation. Thus, the concept of “less is more” has developed into an exclusive form of interior decoration. But minimalism is more than blank designs and neutral colors. Today we will be learning about the meaning of living in a minimalistic home.

First of all, let’s discuss the fundamentals of minimum decoration.

Less furniture

Rooms that follow the rules of minimalism only contain basic furniture items. For instance, a typical living room in a minimalistic home will have a coffee table, a couch, a couple of lamps, a TV, and an unimposing entertainment stand. Whereas, a bedroom will only feature a simple bed, a bookshelf, a dresser, and a nightstand.

Everything is clear

Every flat surface you witness in a minimalistic home will be free of the cluster. It means that nothing is over-decorated or reflecting grandness.  You will not see a collection of books and papers on a table, neither the sofa nor bed will be overpowering its surroundings. Majority of furniture will have clean lines and sharp edges.

Accent decoration

Minimalistic homes get the zing of life with statement art pieces and decoration items. For instance, a clear desk will have a family photo, a coffee table will have a modest vase with few flowers, and an empty wall will have a photo or an art piece.

Prominently, you will not see too many things in a minimalistic home.  The owner will only be hoarding things that they regularly use like a watch, laptop, and a dining table.

After understanding the basics of a home-based on minimalism, let’s start decorating one.

Instead of renovating the entire room, you can start with a single room, preferably your bedroom. By eliminating all the extra stuff, your bedroom will have more blank space and will represent the thought of minimal living. You can progress with the idea of one room at a time.

Before anything else, eliminate the furniture which does not has a significant impact on your comfort and liveability. If possible, buy a new set of furniture which is simple and painted in solid colors. Try to strip your room off with things that are not essential for living. Such objects can range from an old basketball to an unused table.  Clear the floor of cluttering and stacked stuff.    You can hide these things in containers to give an impression of nothingness.

Free your wall from everything except any piece of art. Do not showcase overwhelming photos or loud colors. Keep your windows clear of decorations and if possible, eliminate the curtains. Decide a place for everything in the house and ask others to follow the guidelines.

Conclusion Revamping an old home through the ideals of minimalism is not an easy job.  You must be patient with the process and should not expect your room to look as sophisticated as the images you see over the internet. Keep it real and do not hesitate to ditch the idea if it’s not working for you.

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