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How to Make Your Kitchen Seem Bigger


Tips & Tricks on Maximising Space

In days of yore, the kitchen somehow seemed less important than it ranks today. Now, the kitchen is regarded as the centre of the home, regardless of where in the home layout it is located. This has caused many a renovation across the UK. Today’s families not only prepare and eat food in their kitchen but they are likely to entertain in this multi-purpose room.

The kitchen is truly a Renaissance room, something for everyone and multi-purposed to serve every family member. With all this appeal and utilitarian functionality, it is understandable that space is a top priority. In fact, a crowded kitchen will always be inefficient and will discourage guests from enjoying this centre of family life. If we think of our kitchen as the heart of the home and family, we recognise the importance of keeping it neat, clean, and organised.

Adding Space Without Adding Square Feet

For many experienced homeowners, the ability to add space without adding square feet is a big challenge. But, when we master this task, we make our home more functional, more entertaining and increase our chance of putting out the best meals possible in comfortable an area as possible.

Adding space without adding square feet can be accomplished with good organisational skills, some sharp interior design ideas and maintaining discipline in the kitchen. We provide fitted kitchens in Suffolk .

Step 1 – To add space or the appearance of space, commit to keeping the counters free of clutter. While you are at it, add clutter-free drawers. Every item in our kitchen must have a home and that is where these items must always be placed and replaced after use. Once you have made this commitment, you will have stacks of goods that need a home. Have no fear, finding the space for these items is our next task.

Step 2 – Dedicate one kitchen drawer to serve as a catchall for tools, batteries, screws, warranties, and the like. However, don’t just pile items in the drawer. Develop an “important papers” section of the drawer and a tool section, etc. The next time you need one of the items in this drawer, you should know right where it is and be able to put your hands on it immediately.

Step 3 – Many of the items you remove from your counter or that are taking up space in your cabinets and drawers can be hung neatly on walls. If you do this correctly, they will make a nice presentation. Brass pots and pans not only hang easily, but they look great on the wall. Show the brass underbelly. An alternative is to hang these along panels over sinks or wherever they will not interfere with the kitchen operation. They will look good and be very accessible when needed. If neither of these spaces are an option, consider adding a rail that can hold these goods. Look how much empty drawer space you have now.

Step 4 – Use the Lazy Susan Galore strategy. Use Le Mans corner unit and revolving corner holders in every corner cabinet. Whenever you can create vertical storage, it is a good idea. This strategy should nearly double your shelf space.

Step 5 – Whenever possible, use integrated appliances rather than many freestanding counterparts. Every item you integrate creates more free counter space.

Step 6 – Choose your kitchen colours wisely. The lighter the colours are the larger and more organised the kitchen will seem. Merely painting your cabinet faces lighter will seemingly add space. Using light coloured counter and good lighting will also seem to add more space. Follow these tips and enjoy your new bigger-than-ever but same sized kitchen.

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