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How to design the man cave of your dreams


Many men dream of creating their own sacred space, filled with all the things that make them happy. Some dream of pool tables, air hockey or arcade machines, whilst others would just be happy with a refuge away from the kids that doesn’t include locking themselves in the toilet.

Whatever your tastes or your reasons for wanting a man cave, there are a few key components of your room that when combined, have the power to make or break your experience. Let us guide you through the key considerations for when you get around to planning your man cave.

Warning, we recommended starting to come up with ideas as soon as possible so that when the opportunity arises you are ready to go.

Decide on a colour theme

Depending on your core interests and the reason you want a man cave, the decision on colour may be very easy or very hard. For example, if you’re a sporting fan then the colour of your favourite team may be a very simple colour theme to follow. Or if you’re looking for a private space to watch your favourite movie genre, darker, relaxed colours may be an obvious choice.

What’s your style of furniture?

Again if you have very specific interests like gaming or movie watching your options may be very obvious and simple, for example, a gaming chair or a recliner with ample armrests for drinks and snacks.

Do you need storage or display space?

Shelves or display boxes will likely be a central component for a collector planning their man cave. The size and value of your collection will likely determine where and how you are willing to display your most prized possessions. If you have particularly valuable or delicate items, we would highly recommend sturdy, fixed and lockable display units to protect your items from accidental damage and theft.

How well will you need to see?

We recommend building your room’s lighting design around the primary function of the space, for example, if you will be painting miniatures by hand then a well-lit lighting setup would be the ideal choice for you. However, if you will have a movie projector or a large screen, you will want to keep reflections and natural light sources to a minimum or at least have a good way to reduce their impact.

Luckily because of the advancements in modern technology whatever light requirement you may have, it will be able to be met by artificial light. Led lights can produce better light quality than traditional bulbs whilst also being available with a range of smart features like mobile phone remote control or being able to change the colour of the light. Online shops like All Lights make residential LED bulb technology available to the masses at affordable prices.

How noisy will it get?

If hitting the drums is how you unwind after a long day, then sound proofing will be an important addition to your man cave. There is a huge range of soundproofing options available to you, with the level of success dependent partly on your budget and the specific method of implementation. Even if you do not have particularly noisy pastimes, it still may be a good idea to consider soundproofing, just so you can be confident you can use your new space at any time of day or night without disturbing the rest of the house.

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