Kids DIY designs

Are your kids getting bored during the holidays? Do they spend their entire day playing video games? Are you worried about their development? If yes, then you are not alone. Majority of parents are not able to entertain their kids in comparison to the fun they experience watching cartoons and surfing the internet. The situation becomes worse if you are too busy to create a happening atmosphere in your home.

However, kids are looking for ways to ditch their consoles and learn a new activity. They are always curious about life irrespective of the situations they come across.  Generally speaking, they should spend their time being productive as it improves their creativity and commitment.

Thus, I have come up with two amazing DIY craft for your kids. You will love to create something functional with a few papers, glue, and colors. Moreover, your child will enjoy your company while using these objects in full glory. Do not hesitate and ask your kid for a fun evening.

Here are the best and simplest DIY ideas for kids.

Paper lantern

Paper lanterns should be your first choice when it comes to decoration skills. It is fun to make and has a significant impact on your child’s room designing. It will be the perfect lighting option, whereas your kid will feel proud to use a self-made light fixture. The entire process will not take more than an hour, and the recourses will come under $5.

You will need a lamp cord, a big paper lantern, glue and bright colored squares of tissue paper.  First and foremost, take the coloured squares, you can also cut and shade them yourself.  Glue the strips per a colour combination pattern from top to bottom. Do not forget to overlap the squares at the bottom to create a beautiful texture. Fill all the gaps and let it dry for a few minutes. Voila, you will have an amazing looking and fully functional paper lantern.


Almost all of us had the cardboard tube kaleidoscope back in our childhood. It was our first experience with abstract art. Your kids will feel the same magic while rolling through various patterns of bright colours. It’s simple, easy to make, inexpensive and the most important thing- it’s cool.

You will need a four by a six-inch piece of clear and flat plastic, four by six-inch cardboard piece, glue stick, aluminium foil, markers, tape and tracing paper.

To start with, fold the piece of cardboard in a way that the shorter edges meet. After unfolding it, you will have to fold it again. This time wrap all ends into the centrefold. Subsequently, your clipboard rectangle will represent three deep creases.

Now, cover the board with a piece of clear plastic. Use a scissor and a ruler to adjust the plastic on the outer edges of the board. Keep the plastic away for some time. Dress the board with an aluminium foil through high-quality glue and keep the shiny side up.

After cutting the excess parts put the plastic over the foiled board. Then fold the structure into a triangle while overlapping from one side. Make sure that the plastic and foil is facing the insides of the cube. Now, cut a small piece of tracing paper and put it on the triangle opening of the tube.

Use bright coloured markers to draw patterns of your choice on the paper. If possible, start from the centre and draw the asymmetrical structure. Hold the tube against bright light and look with one eye. Now, put the tracing paper on the opposite side and turn it.

Finally, see through the tube to experience amazing and radical changes in coloured shapes. Ask your kid to create multiple drawings every time they would like to see through the tube.


Numerous other DIY approaches can be entertaining as well as educating for your kids. These activities are also helpful in releasing some of the stress you might be experiencing. The satisfaction of creating something unique releases the feel-good hormones, and we tend to enjoy the process.

Allow your kids to make mistakes and guide them towards a better finish. Remember, there is no point in scolding your kids, let them decide their next step themselves.