Manworksdesign bureau was founded in 2006 year by the architect Sergey Mozheyko and product designer Yaroslav Rassadin.
The bureau’s HQ is situated in Moscow. MDW’s advantages and specialities are original methods of managing product design which give outstanding and effective solutions.

Our services include the following: design consulting, industrial design, ergonomics, interface design, re-styling, CAD modelling, visualisation, package, graphic design.

We create a complex approach consisting of
Design research – market research and analytics of a product design on competitiveness. Consulting on possible development and unique style creation.
Design development – making of design, style creation,key elements and original product solutions. Restyling. Management of adevelopment process.
Design solutions – 3D modelling, visualizations, testing,ergonomics, follow-on, packing and graphics. Ads and engineering services.

Red Dot design award 2007 / design concept, Samovar
Radical Radiatof of the Future, finalist, Web radiator

Artemide Light DC Russia, 2th place, Diava lamp
The skin of Corian® DuPont, finalist, k-whale bathroom

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