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What Tech Is Most Useful For Filmmakers?


From the first days of sequential photography to the launch of sound and colour to the birth of CGI, the connection of tech and film innovations has pushed the moving picture from non-existent to being everywhere all the time in a lot less than 200 years.

And why stop now?

In this article, we’ll take you on a very quick tour of the future of filmmaking technology. Also, we’ll point out some new film technology that you really need to keep an eye on and explore how the most recent cinema technology may change the face of filmmaking, as we break down the new film technologies disrupting the industry.


StudioBinder offers a number of ways for cinematographers to prepare for forthcoming projects. There are a number of apps that are available out there that assist with building shot lists and mapping out storyboards. Where StudioBinder shines is the interconnected modules that connect the screenplay, the script breakdown as well as shooting schedule.


Much like 3D technology that we are already seeing at sites that offer an online casino welcome bonus, virtual reality is created to increase user engagement. It brings you right onto the edge of your seat so allowing you to see the picture with better sensory stimulation as opposed to ever before. At this moment in time, VR technology is still in its infancy, however it will certainly become mainstream in the future. Directors will most probably need to rework their entire stance on film however it will likely be worth it for consumers.

Algorithmic Video Editing

While most new technologies in the film industry are disruptive by its very nature, the future of post-production is yet closely linked to its past. As with many advances in film editing technology before it, algorithmic editing symbolises a marriage between modern science and historical principles.

At its core, algorithmic editing merely refers to the process of editing in accordance with a set of well-defined rules. It’s like cutting your movie with math, not completely unlike the practice that was famously pursued by Sergei Eisenstein – formalist and certified O.G. of Soviet montage- all the way back in 1925. Although most movies forego the formal rigidity of Battleship Potemkin, you would be hard-pressed to find a modern film which doesn’t incorporate at least a couple of its schematic editing principles.

In other words, elements of algorithmic editing are already standard in post-production.

Sun Seeker

The Sun Seeker app is available on iPhone or Android. In addition it has amazing value for filmmakers. This app is a comprehensive solar tracking and compass application which is especially helpful for those attending the tech scout, or even far ahead of time with your location scout.

It maps out the sun’s path for each time of day.

So if you go to your location, knowing you need a dusk shot, and you want to capture a very specific lighting, you can use the app in order to determine if it’s possible in that space. You can take screenshots of the Sun’s path and then send these to other team members to determine schedule changes, etc.

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