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WGSN Says These Are the New Interior Design Colors for Bathroom Remodeling in 2022


According to WGSN, the color forecast for bathroom remodeling in 2022 is trending toward more earth tones than before. Here are some examples of trends they found.

Softer tones like blush pink and lavender are growing in popularity as well. Soft gray paint with white trim will look good on most walls, but you can try pairing it with dark flooring for contrast.

  • Blush pink is also a great accent color for accessories like towels and candles. It’s an especially popular choice for teen bathrooms. If you go with lighter ground tiles or marble-look porcelain tile, light grout looks best, so the floor doesn’t appear dirty.
  • Lavender is not just used as an accent color; it can be very bold as is, or it can be toned down like a pale tint.
  • Light gray is also used as an accent color, and it gives the space a modern vibe without being too cold. If you’re looking to create a contemporary room that has warmth and comfort, light gray will go great with white cabinetry and glossy countertops.
  • Soft green with white trim is another trendy combination for bathrooms of all sizes. It’s easy to decorate around since greens are the most common colors in home decor already.

On the other hand, if you want something bolder than what we’ve mentioned so far, pink peppercorn is trending right now as well. It’s similar to magenta but more on the mellow side.

If none of those colors appeal to you, you can always pick up a paint color card and take it home to try it out. You could also bring in some fabric swatches or samples of other materials and see what complements them well.

Keep in mind that if you choose to install real wood flooring, darker woods will be more popular than lighter ones. Therefore, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, then tiles may be a better choice for you since they’re easier to clean and don’t require as much upkeep as real wood.

Of course, these aren’t all of the colors that will trend 2022 but just some of the most popular ones. WGSN suggests reading their latest report for everything from wallpapers to window coverings. Your bathroom remodel design will likely be completed before 2022, but it’s always good to know what the next major color trends are going to be.

How To Find The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company

You should always ask for professional help when you need to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor. It can be tempting to save some money on this project by doing some of the work yourself, but it’s extremely dangerous to take on this kind of job without proper training and knowledge.

No matter what your budget is or how far along you are in the planning stages, there are free services available that will match you up with reputable contractors in your area. You can read reviews from previous customers and get personalized quotes depending on what work needs to be done.

If you do have to hire contractors, make sure they’re fully insured so you won’t have any issues if something bad happens while they’re on your property.

You should start this process as soon as possible, so you don’t end up having to go with the first contractor that comes along. Remember that you can always call for a free quote from a contractor, even if you’re still in the planning stages.

There’s no commitment involved, and it won’t impact your ability to get other quotes. You can use that time to compare their offers and make sure they’re the best fit for your project before you give them any money.

Make Sure That You Can Afford the Prices

While it’s vital to find an experienced contractor for bathroom renovation projects, it’s also important to choose someone friendly and fair with their prices. If you can’t afford renovations right now, take your time looking through listings so you’ll have a better idea of what you want by the time you save up enough money.

You should never rush into any purchase as big as this one, so being thorough will help move things along faster in the long run since contractors won’t have to spend as much time on your inquiry.

Remember that your bathroom remodeling project is always going to be unique. These are general tips for making sure the contractor you hire will do a good job, but it’s impossible for them to tell you what they can or can’t handle without seeing your space first.

If you have any questions about the process, then feel free to discuss them with potential contractors before giving them an estimate.

How Long Does Bathroom Remodeling Take?

You could start this process as soon as possible by looking through local listings and getting quotes. The key here is not rushing into anything because that could cost you more in the long run if someone doesn’t give you all of the details up-front.

You should never feel pressured into hiring a contractor just because they’re the first to get back to you. Once you have an idea of what your budget is and what needs to be done, then it will be much easier for you to find the right people for the job.

Remember that it’s vital to take your time while looking through listings so you can make sure each bathroom renovation contractor has the right qualifications and experience for your bathroom remodeling project.

There are plenty of free services available that will match you with professionals who will do a good job at a fair price, but if you rush into anything, then there’s always a chance that things won’t turn out quite as you hoped.

  • No matter how much time and effort you put into this job, there will always be problems along the way, so it’s important to keep a cool head throughout the entire process and not assume that everything will go as smoothly as planned.
  • While it can be tempting to just hire the first contractor that comes through your door, remember that this is a serious investment, and you should take your time to make sure you’re hiring the best people for the job.
  • Even if it takes a few weeks to find someone who has all of the right qualifications, taking your time now could save you from major headaches later down the road. You can also view our previous posts on how to choose bathroom countertops and other material ideas.

Remember that every remodeling project is a little bit different, so it’s vital to look through listings and get quotes before you hire any professionals. You should also check with your friends and family members for recommendations since this will help you find the best service providers in your area.

This process can take some time, but if you’re thorough, then everything will be much easier when it comes time to start working on your bathroom.

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