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Latest Lighting Trends for Your Home


Lighting is important as it provides the necessary finishing. It can create a specific atmosphere just by regulating fixtures and locations. Moreover, proper lighting can dramatically improve the look of your home- be it a bedroom, dining room, or living room. Manufacturers continue to innovate and keep coming up with new and advanced lighting options to beautify your home experience. Thus, it is essential to know about the latest trends in the world of interior lighting.

Soft gold finish

Soft colors have become the ideal lighting among interior designers. Shades of grey have taken over the loud and warm highlights that used to populate our homes. In respect to contemporary decors, soft gold is the perfect choice as it complements the mellow features of new age designing. Look out for a tint that falls between brushed gold and brushed silver. The matte finish provides an elite look to the room while the gold contrast maintains a sense of hospitality.

Industrial style

Emphasis on metal, rustic finish, and neutral colors have been the fundamentals of industrial style lighting. Moreover, I am witnessing a comeback of retro styles combined with sleek industrial style. Modern, streamlined lighting is way different from typical metal-based lighting we are used to.

It’s better to define these lights as a modern retro approach. Apart from the warehouse-type lighting, I have come across metal-rich tones which are available in distinctive designs. People interested in minimalism or DIY solutions are perfect candidates for these unique fixtures. The finer details look like a work of art that should match the room’s decoration. Don’t miss out on the modern retro look even if you were hesitant of the traditional industrial style.

The vintage bulbs

We are not over with the retro look as the Edison style lighting design is warm and comforting to the max. The style will attract homeowners who are more inclined towards a nostalgic finish. With their rounded cone shape, these bulbs are perfect lighting solutions for the kitchen and living area. Don’t get fooled as these bulbs come with LED lighting.

However, you can buy incandescent bulbs for a more authentic appeal. We are not even close to the best thing about this style- it is way cheaper than its competitors.

Cleaner lines

The contemporary lighting style is all about cleaner forms. We are shifting away from excess while the love for less ornamentation is gaining pace. As the furniture and other decorative items are clean styled, there is no need for overwhelming lighting designs. These lights are generally in softer neutral colors with geometric designs. Thus, there is a huge focus on creating an aesthetic and soothing appeal.


Nonetheless, trends like LED and bigger lights are also favored by first-time homeowners. But, it’s better to stick to your tastes instead of blindly following the newest style. Your home is an extension of your thoughts, and lighting should complement your celebration of life. You can also come up with DIY lightings that are not only refreshing but are also safe.

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