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How To Use Upholstery Nails


Nails and tacks are wonderful tiny pieces of raw materials which you could use on so many different applications. Not only are they functional (because of how easily these nails and tacks attach two things together), but these days, most of the pieces are also already very design-centric. That is why there are already some people who are using nails and tacks to actually add refreshing details and details to their works of art. A good example of this is in the furniture industry. Upholstered furniture, especially for the indoor uses, are being built with different kinds, shapes, and even sizes of upholstery nails and tacks available in the market. With the wide array of designs, colours, and finishes to choose from, it instantly adds a pop of design to each and every piece of upholstered furniture. In fact, it is so easy to use, that you could actually add design to your existing pieces of furniture, or possibly even design and make your own piece if you are already up for it. But do not let these tiny pieces fool you, they could actually go way beyond than pieces of furniture in your bedroom or living room – proving that big things really do come from small packages.

Where to Use

The first question that you might ask when dealing with upholstery nails is, where do you actually use them? For beginners, the most common use is of course anchored in creating upholstered pieces of furniture such as couches, chairs, and even ottomans. In dealing with furniture, its most basic function is of course to attach the upholstery fabric or material to the wood or the main shape and base of the furniture. If you have more decorative nails, most especially in shape and colour, you could add details on each piece. You could actually also use these nails on headboards, curtain valances, or even cornice boards, especially those which have upholstery fabrics attached to it. You could also use it for mini projects such as making a to-do board, a calendar, or simply a decorative cork board which you could stick at your office or home.

Design 101

These upholstery nails mainly serve a function of attaching two things together, but it also serves as added “bling” to any piece of material. If pieces of furniture had jewellery, these upholstery nails would be it. You can get it in dome shapes, squares, buttons, and even with crystals if you are up for a bit of elegance and sophistication. Not only that but you could also get it in different kinds of finishes such as copper, nickel, brass, antique, natural, coral, gold, clear, and other modern coloured and designs such as with red, yellow, green, violet, blue, pink, and so much more. It goes way beyond just simply nailing pieces together, you could easily add unique design patterns or nail head trims to your existing pieces of furniture and give it a brand new look for people to enjoy.

Nailing It In

When dealing with upholstery nails, because of how tiny and small they are – especially those with a shorter length, you could easily be able to accidently hammer your hand when you are already putting these nails in place. That is why it is important to know that you should have the proper tools and materials needed to help guard your way away from bruised fingers and nails. One important investment you could make if you are planning to do a lot of projects involving these nails is to get a nail spacer tool so that you could nail in each piece with the proper spacing and at a straight line. This is especially important if you would like to place the nails on the outline of your furniture and make nail head trims. You should also invest in the proper hammers, mallets and pliers that would be able to help you installing upholstery nails much easier, especially with those pieces you plan to use tougher fabrics like leather on.

In and Out

Of course, when using upholstery nails on your upholstered pieces of furniture, you should also equip and prepare yourself to know how to actually remove them. So that when the time comes that you would need to already replace them such as with loose and hanging nails already, you would be able to do it in a breeze. And not to mention, you would also be able to re-upholster your furniture pieces so that it would look brand new again after how many years. Think about all of the repair expenses and new furniture costs you would save up on if you knew how to nail upholstery and re-upholster pieces of furniture in the same manner. And all you need to spend on are cheap upholstery nails (which you could buy in bulk for less!), a tack remover, a claw hammer, and a flat head screwdriver together with your upholstery nails tool kit of hammers, mallets and pliers. Compare the cost of those tools and materials to a brand new piece of furniture every how many years or so. What a great deal, right?

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