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How to Remodel Your Kitchen


Evaluate your current kitchen layout

Specific kitchens are easy to remodel, while others will require more work. You do not want to invest much money in a kitchen that you plan on replacing in the future. Ensure there is adequate space for your intended appliances and how many people will be using this space. Also, consider the future when purchasing cabinets. You may want extra room should you add to your home or move into a larger house in the future.

In addition, determine whether you need drawer storage or fancy finishes such as granite countertops instead of bare tile floors. Your lifestyle and budget help decide what features are important to you, so choose wisely! If solely focusing on updating kitchen cabinetry, laminate can match expensive hardwood styles at only one-fifth the price.

Consider how you use the space and what functions it needs to serve

The heart of the kitchen is a critical feature in most kitchens. It’s where cooking is done as well as socializing with others while enjoying meals together. If you have chosen to make significant changes to your kitchen, it could be beneficial to plan on building or adding to your home and then checking out our other article on building an addition. This will give you a good insight into what needs to be considered when planning renovations like this.

What is the kitchen’s purpose, and how do you use it? If you are remodeling because of a significant change in your family’s lifestyle, answer these questions to help determine what needs to be done. Otherwise, write down everything that happens in the kitchen every day and for special occasions. Next, list every activity on a separate sheet of paper. Include prep time and cooking time, clean-up time, food storage, carrying things from room to room, entertaining others, and so forth. How long does each function take? You will quickly see that some tasks require more space than others or need counter space near an outlet for appliances like refrigerators or coffee pots. Next, choose the rooms where it can do this work most efficiently. Then take the completed list and make a rough sketch of your kitchen so you can see all activity areas in one place. Try to draw this using symbols so you don’t get distracted by details like cabinet colors, flooring, or appliance shapes.

Determine the style of cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, and appliances that best suit your needs

To begin with, take into consideration planning styles. The style or design you choose will affect all other aspects of a project as well. When planning for the design, there are two options: choosing between pre-designed cabinetry made by manufacturers; another option is designing your layout by assembling basic stock cabinets purchased from home improvement stores.

A good starting point of getting excited about designing includes visiting reputable manufacturers’ websites that offer virtual 3D models of their products. These sites will allow you to see all available details before deciding on such a purchase. Home improvement stores also offer a great selection of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

Draw up a budget for materials and labor costs

Are you going to do the work yourself or hire someone? What will your hourly rate be for the labor that you do? There are two significant factors at play here: how good of a job you can do yourself; and what kind of labor is involved. For example, installing a new sink and faucet may require only an hour or so of time from start to finish, depending on the skill level and materials needed. On the other hand, installing cabinet boxes and doors typically requires several hours per box – unless it’s just one long weekend in which many cabinets have to be completed (in which case it all comes down to who has more stamina).

Get quotes from professionals in your area for all aspects of the project

That depends on the contractor or company you want to contract with. You need to make sure that you are getting a fair price and not overpaying for anything. There are two things, in particular, that I would recommend doing to do this. First, I would search online (Google is a good example) and determine the average charge for the work. For example, if you are going to remodel your kitchen, it may be hardwood floors, cabinets, appliances, etc. For more information on remodeling bathrooms, contact H&A My Design. For help knowing what kitchen appliances should be replaced, please see the resource below.

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