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Fun Family Activities for New Year’s Eve


Most families prefer to welcome in a new year together. There is nothing more exciting than counting down to midnight together on new year’s eve. However, there are those who are likely to fall asleep if they are not kept active, especially the young ones. This is why family members come up with activities to ensure everyone is alert as they wait for midnight. In this blog, we are going to look at some fun activities that you can engage in with your family this new year’s eve.

Family Karaoke Night

A fun karaoke night will surely keep everyone active and awake. Karaoke is fun when everyone is involved, so let everyone make a list of songs they will perform, even the little ones. You can prepare a small section of the living room or the backyard for this activity. Light it up using lights from guangzhou lighting wholesale market to create the feeling of a real stage. 

You can include other activities like poetry reading, performing skits, and dancing to make it more interesting. Let the little ones sing their kids’ songs and have fun too. Karaoke is one of the most common activities that people engage in, even on a night out.

Family Movie Night

A movie night is definitely a fun plan for new year’s eve. Since you will be watching together as a family, allow everyone to choose a movie they would like to watch and schedule them for the night. Ensure that the films chosen are kid-friendly as they will also be involved in this activity. 

You can either set up a small cinema in your living room or in the front patio using a projector so everyone can be able to see. Ensure that everyone is warm enough if you are outside. Prepare snacks and drinks for everyone to eat during the night. You can also order pizza if that’s what everyone wants. Do not get caught in the movie and miss the countdown.

A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an especially fun way to keep kids engaged and active. Hide different treasures around the house and the backyard for them to find. You can get them their presents for the new year and make them the treasures for the scavenger hunt. Create a list of the items to be found and set a timer for them. 

However, do not make it a competition as some of them might get frustrated if they end up with nothing. You do not want tantrums on new years eve. Adults can get involved too if they want. If not, they can engage in other activities or just relax with some cocktails to pass the night away.

Gift Wrapping

Santa might be gone, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop giving each other presents. New year’s presents are a thing too. You can include gift wrapping in your new year’s eve activities to kill time until midnight. Make use of your used perfume packaging boxes to wrap the gifts and finish up with paper gift covers. Children enjoy gift wrapping, and they look forward to such activities, so you can be sure that they will not sleep. Since this activity does not take a lot of time, you can also include games like scrabble and candy naming.

A Special Family Dinner

Having your last meal of the year together is definitely the winner in this list. You can have an early dinner and start preparations for the main supper just before midnight. Set it up out in the front yard, complete with chairs and tables from Keekea table legs OEM. Include everyone’s favorite meal on the menu so that everyone can have a blast. Engage the little ones in other activities as you cook, so they do not get bored and end up falling asleep. 

Make sure that your family will not forget their last meal of the year by making it finger-licking good and special for them. You can either schedule it for before midnight or immediately afterward, so it can actually be the first meal of the new year, whichever you prefer.


A new year is a big deal. It is like a new opportunity to right your wrongs for the previous year and achieve even much more. That is why it is critical that you welcome it in style. For most people, new year’s eve means much more than even Christmas eve, and they stay up late to get into the new year’s awake. Celebrations are usually held all over at the tick of midnight, and you will hear people shouting ‘happy new year’ all over the streets. If you fell asleep last year, try not to this time around so you can get to watch the magic of new year’s fireworks all over town.

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