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Best EMF Protection Products


There is little to no scientific research into the matter at hand. But in May 2012, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in England issued a guideline on “electromagnetic safety” which was favourable to electromagnetic fields and found them unlikely to be harmful.

The guideline itself has been criticized and it is unknown to what extent NICE’s guidelines are guided by expert opinion or if this is just their stance on general healthcare.

NICE’s guideline notes that electromagnetic fields are a reasonable area for protecting both patients and doctors, because electric treatment has become a commonly used method of therapy. Since electricity is not restricted to industrial applications, the most important areas for protection are both the home and office. However, NICE was adamant that people should not wear devices on their skin as this can be an irritating side effect.

They also noted that EMF levels at the workplace can be quite high, and although a business must be sensible about placing furniture on a low EMF level, people should not expect to purchase a safe EMF-protecting product and then expect it to be safe all the time. NICE said in their guidelines: “By using any kind of protective device, patients and professionals accept a risk that can be low but in an open and public environment, especially one that people spend a lot of time in, this risk is simply unacceptable.”

Back in 2010, The British Medical Journal listed ten products that provided EMF protection, and here is their verdict on some of them:

Now some researchers are focusing their efforts on an entirely different set of products, and a new set of companies that offer products for the home and office. While there are limited scientific data available, some of these products are marketed as being designed specifically to protect health, and all of them promise a healthy lifestyle.

Radiation Protection Necklaces and Pendants

Call me paranoid, but I usually wear a radiation protection necklace whenever I leave the house. A high-tech tool similar to this can be used as a sophisticated way to detect exposure to radiation.

Among the millions of locations I use my computer is the bathroom, and that’s where I often make more than one connection with my laptop, creating electromagnetic emissions that are unlikely to be missed.

The protection pendant can be used in a similarly familiar way for anyone who’s concerned about their personal safety. Just attach a chain around your neck, put your hands in front of you, and use the necklace like a screwdriver to pierce wires.

Similar products are available to use in a more mundane setting. The links on the cable box plug in the cable box. The plug-in cord on my keyboard creates electromagnetic emissions.

Whatever you’re exposing yourself to is much worse than the electromagnetic emissions I created while testing the radiation protection necklaces. What I used as a screwdriver in the test is far less likely to damage my skin or other delicate tissues. Even with the best protection, though, you should still wear long sleeves to protect yourself against the usual sources of skin damage.

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