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Bathroom Flooring: The Devils in the Details


As your bathroom is a room of the house where water is the biggest risk to its design, the choice in a bathroom floor design has to take into account many other factors that other rooms do not have to.

For example, the bathroom suffers more from rises in temperature, higher moisture levels and provides a riskier arena for slips and accidents. This results in a number of products needing to securely present itself to accommodate for these risks. Whilst many choose porcelain or ceramic options as a default choice, the choice of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provides a much steadier option for the long term.

Suited to Lifestyle

Your household lifestyle greatly impacts whatever choice you have, as a bathroom that is shared by the family will require a floor that withstands spills and splashes of water with waterproof properties.

As well as this it will need to be able to reduce the risk of slips when exiting the bath or shower, which is why vinyl offers hard wearing properties that are 100% waterproof and an anti slip layer, as well as a more cushioned design should they take a tumble.

If you have an elderly person in the home, the level of slip resistance provides the ideal amount of security for their needs, especially if they have a walk-in shower.

 Extra Measures

As well as being water resistant, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a highly durable product should there be any dropping of items, meaning that it will not be easy damaged or dented.

As you can expect from a waterproof product, the damage to the subfloor is greatly reduced and the chances of rot should you choose a wooden design is non-existent. Whilst being waterproof it is important to not have large puddles of water to spend too long on the floor unattended to. Water left for too long can potentially damage or weaken the adhesive that holds the floor together.

The waterproof measures means that something as grand as underfloor heating is a much more possible installation for the bathroom, providing extra comfort and warmth within the room for those relaxing nights.

It is possible to make Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring last way past its 20 plus year warranty, with some homes retaining its perfect look and protection for up to 30 years with simple maintenance like a quick mop, sweep and vacuum once a week.

If you want the devil in the details, then Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provides the best in design, durability and satisfaction.

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