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Being the owner of a website dedicated to self-creation and self-sustenance, I know the importance of my readers. It is my pleasure to serve those men who are trying their best to manage their home without outside help. That’s why my articles talk about various DIY solutions for home improvement. I focus on any and everything that can help men live their life in a better way. My blogs range from fashion trends to designing. Thus, I cater to a large pool of audience with huge diversity. It is a chance for me to inform and guide you as a goodwill agent.


    I am talking about the website; I cannot overlook the importance of my connection with readers. Luckily, I have been able to create and maintain a healthy relationship with people who care about my blogs. These people have supported and inspired me to write about things that I couldn’t experience myself. I hope that new users will connect with my cause of being self-reliant. More than anything else, their love and admiration have uplifted me to write better articles every day. Some of them were critical about my work, but with time, they have realized the website’s potential. Now, the blog is a work of contributed efforts and consistent commitment.

    I keep on asking myself, am I able to connect with all of my readers? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to communicate with every other user. However, I try my best to settle the more genuine enquires. Back in the day, I used to answer every message I received, but now it’s not practical at all. Throughout the day, I am searching through various issues and writing new blogs. In the two hours that I dedicate for communication, only the most urgent messages are answered. Nevertheless, do not lose hope as on weekends, I read every query and reply with a positive intention.

    There are many ways to connect with me, and one of them is direct messaging. It is the safest and quickest way to enter in a conversation with me. You will find a page dedicated to direct communication with the website. It has two major benefits- you can send messages without interference from a third party, and you do not have to be formal with me.  I respect my readers, and every direct message is a priority for me. You can write me to know more and can even share personal experiences. But, I would request you to send precise messages as I believe in not wasting yours and my time. Big messages without genuine content are often overlooked by me, If you’re looking for a guest post I will be interested.

    The second best way to get in touch is through an email. It’s the most formal and orderly channel of communication. I am always updating my inbox as reading emails is one of the things I enjoy more in life. You can write to me about your ideas and thoughts, but it is better to use emails for more serious conversations. If you wish to contact for guest posts, then sending an official email is the better choice.  I am looking forward to entering into collaborations or business deals which compliment this website’s content. However, I take one to two working days for replying, so don’t worry if you haven’t received a reply yet.

    Now, you also have the option of connecting with me as a writer. I am currently looking for good writers who could help me in publishing more blogs. You can send in your details through any of the channels stated above. Make sure that you write about your credentials and send an original write up about any of the articles you see on the website. I will be more than happy to train you to write professional standard articles. Also, remember that the copied content will not be entertained. Remember, I am available to develop your writing skills, but I cannot tolerate plagiarism.


    Connecting with me is as easy as reading my articles. You just have to be genuine in your communication. I am here to help you get out of life troubles, and your stories inspire me to write more. It’s time that we share our experiences to create a better website for universal prosperity.

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