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Istria, your next travel destination


Located in the northeastern part of Croatia, Istria is undoubtedly one of the most underrated and hidden gems in this part of Europe. This peninsula is located close to Italy, something that is believed to have contributed to the Italian cuisines and drinks that are mostly available in the region. Apart from food and amazing wine, Istria also has other sceneries and attraction sites that make it the most ideal place to visit in Croatia. Other reasons why it is the best include:


From food to accommodation, the prices in Istria are much better compared to other regions, especially the neighboring ones. Despite having many tourists, the prices including those of transportation have remained relatively low. Here you not only get fair prices but you also get value for the money. The service delivery and the products you’ll be given are the top notches.

Outdoor activities

Istria has many adventurous opportunities for those seeking the thrill that the outdoors have to offer. They have ideal spots for several activities such as hiking, paragliding, biking, and bungee jumping among many others. Those who like spending time indoors can also find many activities to indulge in. You can take walks on the sandy and pebble beaches or even visit the historical sites to learn more about this Croatian gem.

Friendly locals

Most regions that tend to get many tourists slack off in their service delivery but not Istria. The hospitality you will receive in this place is unmatched. It doesn’t just apply to service delivery people like your accommodation provider but it extends to all the locals including strangers you meet in the streets. They will make you feel welcome thereby making your stay very enjoyable.

Breathtaking scenery

The perfect coastline, a countryside filled with hills and greenery as well as the perfect blend of olive trees and palm trees are some of the factors contributing to the breathtaking landscape Istria has.

Amazing food

This part of Croatia has been praised for their tantalizing delicacies. You can try out the many samples available and enjoy the cultural representation in them. The wine in this region is also a contributory factor to its greatness.

Some of the places to visit in Istria include Motovun which is loosely populated making it great for relaxation,

Novigrad which is known for its pebble beaches and Ronjiv which is one of the best coastal towns in the region. For sightseeing, some of the best places to visit include the Roman amphitheater, temple of Augustus, Pula aquarium and the castle in Pazin. Since Istria is also famous for its black truffles, going truffle hunting is also an option when it comes to activities you can enjoy. You can take trips to various towns and explore what each one has to offer or you can indulge in olive oil tasting.


The endless options when it comes to things one can do in Istria makes it a great destination for tourism as well as residency. For those looking for the latter option, you can easily find a house for sale in Croatia, just by looking it online. Whether you want a romantic gateway destination or a place to have for yourself, Istria has you covered.

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