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Can Changes to Your Room Help Your Mental Health?


People have a tendency to get stuck in a mental rut around the home and there are occasions when a glance around the room will spark a bit of inspiration. There are things about any room that will start to bug you, but you rarely get around to fixing the problem or changing it completely.

Clutter around the home is one area that affects our happiness and the ability to enjoy our home, as well as worn out carpets and dull colours.

Simple cheap and effective changes to the room don’t have to be a stressful undertaking, and they can provide both a fun change exercise and a boost in well-being and motivation.


It is really quite incredible how a simple trip to the tip and throwing out clutter helps our state of mind.

Clearing up space taken up by piles of gathered paper, unused clothing or boxes of old unwanted items provides plenty of potential to add something needed to the room. If you choose to utilise a space with some exercise equipment or unique storage solutions, you are finding that room for activity or storage is better maintained and cared for. We all have experienced that chair in the bedroom that becomes the place for clean clothes to be piled onto, which either may be a sign that something is taking up room that an extra dresser or wardrobe can be used for or that you may be hoarding a lot of clothing that you no longer require.

You could also get a bed with drawers underneath to help store extra clothing away and use the dresser space for something better like a desk or office space.

Worn Out Carpet

How long have you had that carpet down and is it faded over time?

Hoovering a carpet is one of those chores that gets left for a Sunday if you get around to it at all and it feels a bigger task than it is. If you are sick of the sight of your carpet, then why not look into an easier to care for alternative such as luxury wood effect vinyl flooring. Everyone loves the thought of having a real hardwood floor, but they can be testy in maintaining then, whereas Amtico Spacia vinyl flooring can perfectly replicate the look and provide a fabulously cushioned feeling and every protective measure you can think of from anti stain to water resistance to last a long time in style and practicality.

It is also a very easy option to clean, via a quick sweep and occasional mop, leaving it looking just as laid.

Freeing up time and providing a more spacious atmosphere within the home gives you plenty of aid in well-being and happiness. Incorporating simple fixes such as being merciless with your throwing out and selecting the lowest price Amtico flooring provides you with plenty of energy and clarity.

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