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10 Best DIY Books for Beginners


Our guide to the best DIY books for beginners is perfect for inspiration.

Whether you want to learn about essential oils or about how to do mechanical repairs, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) books are the best way to get you going. There are tons of best diy books on almost every topic out there. However, figuring out the best book to purchase is a daunting task in itself because most of these books cover only a small portion of a bigger topic. Fortunately, this article is the simplest solution you require if you find yourself in such a situation.

So, if you are interested in learning something new, then you should check out our list of the 10 best DIY books for beginners below.

Best DIY Books

books on shelves

New Fix-It- Yourself Manual

This is the best DIY book for those who want to learn about fixing drywall, broken ceiling, outlets, and making minor repairs at home. This Fix-It-Yourself Manual focuses on small repairs within and around the house.

Even if you want to repair older equipment, you don’t need to hire an expert to do that for you. With this book, it is much easier to learn how to fix that on your own.

Currently retailing at $17.59, it is certainly the most expensive must-have book on this list. You could not expect a book written by a professional repairman to sell at a price lower than $15. 


  • Good for minor and constant repairs
  • Comes with a lot of basic instructions
  • Handy for the repair of older equipment


  • It does not cater for new tech items. It is not useful for items created from 1996 to date.

Essential Oils for Beginners

If you are looking for the best DIY recipes from across the globe, then Essential Oils for Beginners is what you need. 

Apart from recipes, this book uses simple language that is easy to understand. So, you can easily learn how to combine various essential oils to get what you need. And the chemicals used in those recipes are just environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. 

The value you get from using this best DIY book is way greater than its relatively affordable price of $9.94.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Chemicals explored are home-friendly
  • Simple language and easy-to-follow instructions


  • Anonymous writer
  • Book is for basic use only

Paracord Outdoor Gear

If you love outdoor activities, then you will love Paracord Outdoor Gear, one of the best outdoor DIY books presently. 

It teaches you how to make your outdoor gear, and what you get is just attractive and useful for any beginner.

Both the language and instructions in the books are extremely simple. This means that you will easily understand how to make survival bracelets, other DIY projects, and how to use the Paracord for rope crafting.


  • Interesting step-by-step guide for all audiences
  • It has creative ideas for outdoor gear innovators


  • Some sections have partial illustrations

Healing Power of Essential Oils

This is yet another amazing DIY book for beginners. It is a reliable source of all the information you need concerning the use of essential oils for any purpose. 

The writer, Eric Zielinski, takes you through homemade essential oils and how to use them. Recipes are arranged in alphabetical order, which makes it easy to read through all of them. Apart from recipes, the DIY book also builds up your thinking to enable you to make more complex oils.

Eric is a professional in the field of natural remedies and the use of essential oils, so he knows exactly what you want to get going.


  • Suitable for all users
  • Writer is known
  • Comprehensive knowledge


  • Fragile pages

The Handbuilt Home

Sometimes, figuring out how to build new but interesting items around the house can be overwhelming. But luckily, this best-selling DIY book will help you to beautifully create or redecorate your home items without having to spend a lot.

The instructions are just simple and easy to follow for any beginner. Additionally, it comes with a list of supplies for tools and every other thing you might need to come up with a beautiful item.

The writer, Anna White, is a renowned writer of DIY books and yet still, you can write to her whenever you want additional information or solutions.

So, if you are looking for a DIY book with great value, then The Handbuilt Home is it. Don’t worry about the $15.20 price tag because when you purchase one, you get something you can count on.


  • Written simple instructions
  • Known author
  • Comes with a list of supplies
  • Simple builds


  • A bit expensive

Diagnose and Fix Everything

This handy book teaches you how to deal with problems in home electronics. You try to learn how to track down a problem and how to fix it like a pro.

Learning electronics has never been this fun. The writer is an old professional technician and his simplicity with the language will certainly make you entertained throughout the book.

Most old troubleshooting concepts explored by the author ring true even for modern tech, which means that the $ 17.73 DIY book is a valuable addition to your home library.


  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • A comprehensive explanation of how systems work
  • Interesting help with troubleshooting


  • Little illustrations
  • Needs a lot of technical tools
a person reading the best DIY books on a table.

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Organically Clean Home

Why should you buy home cleaning products while you can easily make some? Well, Organically Clean Home brings you a whole lot of recipes and their uses to ensure that your house remains clean and neat all day long.

The recipes in the DIY book are environmentally friendly so you don’t have to worry a bit. The checklists at the back of the book help you maintain a routine of cleanliness. This implies that you can easily keep track of your cleaning routines.

Getting the book will cost you $14.64. Though expensive, it is reportedly one of the most useful DIY books of all time. Avoiding cheap DIY books means you will not have to part with more money over the year. Yes, this book is expensive but you start seeing its value within no time at all.


  • Non-chemical cleaners
  • Useful tips for cleaning routines
  • Lots of recipes and cleaning areas


  • Expensive

Essential Oil

Are you tired of old essential oil recipes that don’t include animal products? Well, this is your book.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced lover of essential oils, you will certainly love this 65-page guide in which the author outlines recipes for all audiences.

The recipes in the DIY book help you to learn using essential oils to prepare delicious foods. So, you get tasty foods and you don’t have to brush your teeth using chemicals after eating.

Grab your copy and say goodbye to chemical food additives. It’s even handier and small enough for you to carry around.

Most people think that Essential Oil is not worth it, perhaps due to its size or its price tag. But what is important is the promising value it can add to your life. 


  • Good for chemical-free life
  • A great option for vegans
  • Good for makes and takes


  • Small book and print
  • A bit expensive

 Auto Repair for Dummies

Want tips and guides on how to troubleshoot cars of up to 2009 models without paying a dime? Well, Auto Repair for Dummies is the only tool you need.

One common thing with all cars across the globe is that they require constant servicing- changing tires, reading dash lights, checking oil, etc. For beginners, this can be extremely difficult and they may end up overpaying for simple car problems.

Fortunately, Auto Repair for Dummies– one of the best DIY books- is here for you. Learn how to troubleshoot engine problems and other basics of car repair.

$218 for such great knowledge is not comparable to the value you get from reading the book. In real terms, it can help you save a lot of money than you can realize.


  • Easy to grasp basic car care
  • Great tips to help you save money
  • Caters for all vehicles up to 2009 models


  • Only suits cars before 2009

Buy the Best DIY Books for Yourself

With these books, you can learn most of the tasks you would hire a handyman for. Our selection of the best diy books are easy to understand owing to the reader-friendly content that is well structured in simple language for everyone to fathom.

Pick one of multiple of them to equip yourself with knowledge and skills. The best part that they are generally affordable but packed with stuff that will benefit you all through your life. Here is a list of magazines you should invest in as well.

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