3 Dining Room Designs

We are living in a generation of two-minute breakfast and car park dinners. It’s obvious to comment that the need for a special dining room is getting obsolete. Majority of people do not have the time to eat four-course meals and indulge in long talks while eating. Still, we should never overlook the entertainment value of a dining room.

When a dining room is decorated as beautifully as any other room, its significance increases, we usually spend more time with our family laughing over topics most dear to us. It won’t be an exaggeration to claim that dining rooms are the heart of a home, and in its absence, we start losing the eminent bond of a family.

Take out time to create a dining room after reading about the top three decoration ideas from professional designers. But first, we should know about the basics of fixing a dining room.

Keep it bright

Lighting is really essential in a dining room. You should install both soft and hard lights to create different moods per the situation. It’s always better to use a layer of lightings to improve the room’s richness. Utilize wall fixtures, windows, floor lamps and candles which produce light between 200 to 400 watts.

Furthermore, buy lights that compliment the shape of your dining table. Finally, use tinier lights for a small room and bold fixtures for a bigger space.

Focus on the furniture

Without proper furniture, a dining room will turn into just another room. Only buy dining furniture which suites the theme and the available lighting in the room.  Choose a table that leaves ample space for chairs and other decorative objects.  The furniture should not give vibes of clutter and mismanagement. Keep things simple while providing ample walking space to the visitors.

Get creative with the colours

Colours are the most effective elements to set the tone of any room. Depending on the theme you will have to buy similar and complimenting coloured dishes, curtains, table cloth, furniture, lighting and everything else in the room.

For a traditional look, you can use brown, ivory and white while pop lovers can use solid bright hues.  Irrespective of the colour you should stay authentic to your personality. 

Wall decoration works

Wall decoration and its colour can change a dining room’s appeal upside down. It’s an opportunity to show your creativity and add individualism in the room. Hang photos of your travel, the people you care about and the places you want to visit. It should express a deep emotion that connects you with your food.

After discussing the basics, we should now concentrate on the three most popular dining room designs. 

The country look

All of us are familiar with the old school pastoral designed dining room. It can also be termed as part of the American dream our parents lived. The inclusion of country elements, small flowers, and light colours give it a very soothing look. The design makes sure that we experience simplicity at its best.

Wooden flooring, flowery patterns, white cabinets/ chairs combined together produce an innocent vibe. You can even go for hanging lamps and light-coloured curtains to spark the room’s atmosphere. Use the approach if you like to eat in silence and serenity.

The traditional look

Class and style are the two main components of a traditional-looking dining room. You would have to look out for elegance in everything you buy from tables to curtains. Normally, red and blue hues are preferred to unfold a cosy and comforting appeal. Traditional looking dining rooms are full of expensive furniture, and the decorations are usually in rich and warm colours.

All in all, there is less walking space, yet the room looks beautiful and inspiring.

The minimalistic look

The minimalistic look uses various black and grey hues to create defining straight lines.  Every object present in the room is big and geometric, while the decoration is limited to a few paintings.  It gives an industrial vibe to the room and is perfect for new age apartments. The approach is better suited at homes that are either occupied by youngsters or entertains very few people.


Dining rooms are more like a canvas ready to get painted.  You can implement your thoughts and creativity to design the best dining area. Make sure that space is not overwhelming in any sense of the word.