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10 Best Powerlifting Shorts for Pros and Beginners


Powerlifting is usually fun, and if you want to add more fun, you’ll have to take into consideration several variables. Among the variables are built-in-liner, form-fitting pair, and other considerations. These 10 are among the best Powerlifting shorts that serve both beginners and pros.

best Powerlifting shorts

YoungLA Men’s Bodybuilding Gym Running Shorts 

YoungLA is a muscular 5fit that weighs 140lbs with zipper closure. The short is 100% Polyester, making it easy especially when washing with a machine.

With deep pockets on both sides, this gym running short is very flexible and lightweight hence, it won’t give you any hard time when jogging.

And since there’s a likelihood that you’ll carry along your mp3 player or phone, YoungLA short comes with deep pockets enough to ensure the safety of your gadgets from falling.


  • The shorts are of high-quality apparel fitness.
  • All the sizes fit perfectly, that is, both medium and large.
  • Very comfortable, stretchy and flexible material; making it easy when deadlifting or squatting.


  • The zippers are sometimes rigid and are, therefore, not moderate to the body.

Jed North Men’s Fitted Shorts Bodybuilding Workout Gym Running Tight Lifting Shorts

With a mixture of two different materials; 10% Spandex and 90% Polyester, this type of lifting short come in a slim fit, hence ensures ease of fit in a wide motion.

Jed short is uniquely cut with a flattering contour, thus perfect for any workout exercise. 

With these Fitted workout shorts, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your gadgets. The reason being, they provide you with deep pockets plus zippers that prevent your mp3 or phone from falling. 

With superior quality materials, these shorts are made to last because of the spandex and polyester that are; durable, stretchy and comfortable therefore giving you ease during the workout period.

To enable extra movement for training, the shorts are in regular design and slim fit which allows the legs to freely move without any hindrance.


  • The shorts are durable, breathable making it flexible during your exercises.
  • Drawstrings are robust and sturdy.
  • Great quality, and especially, because of the stretchiness of the material.


  • The shots may not be too tight as expected.

Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts Agility 1.0

With 4 sides slit, Epic Gear shorts comes home with side pockets for your workout gadgets.

The full range motion MMA shorts stretches in four ways that ensure comfort and flexibility during your workout exercises.

In case you are the type of guy that prefers lesser tight shorts, then Epic WOD is for you. The shorts’ materials are not too stretchy but are good enough to give you an easy time at the gym.


  • Durable and great for training.
  • The dimensions of the length and thigh size fit perfectly well.


  • It sticks to the legs because of the material which is static and thin.

Tough Mode Apparel Men’s Workout Shorts Training Lifting Bodybuilding WOD MMA Crossfit Gym Running Zipper Pocket

Do you want to showcase the shape of your leg? Well then, this type of short will perfectly suit you.  They are stretchy, durable enough and comfortable.

With the shorts, you can avoid any possible injury while training, which attributes to the YKK zipper which has a special locking mechanism. 

These Apparel Men’s Shorts eliminates any awkward movements due to the descent, back and front rise. 


  • The outfit is of high quality and great value.
  • The short is not too loose or too tight, thus fits in all the right places.
  • It’s just the perfect short for cross-training.


  • It doesn’t provide mesh lining.

YoungLA Men’s Running Shorts Athletic Gym Workout Powerlifting 104

Are you in need of shorts that will last? Then don’t go any further than Powerlifting 104 shorts. The shorts are made with premium polyester high-quality materials with a double lock system. 

The shorts are made to perfectly fit you well, and if you want to adjust them depending on your waist, they come with adjustable drawstrings for that purpose.

For flexibility of your waist, the shorts have elastic waistbands, in addition to 2 front pockets for storing your essentials.

And for your usability, the shorts will ease running since they provide ventilation, breathing, and keeping your skin fresh.

Lastly, with 15% spandex and 85% polyester, YoungLA is enhanced with SilverMult technology that enables your skin to soften and breathability of your skin.


  • The shorts are made from high-quality materials.
  • They are very comfortable and stretchy.
  • The shorts are stylish with unobtrusive pockets.


  • Have some branding, which may not appeal to some customers.

Workout Shorts with Pockets for Men French Terry Cotton 3, 5, 7 Inch Body Building Clothing

From jogging to yoga, running or just some casual shorts, this workout clothing is the best. It comes with elastic closure from a 5% spandex and 95% terry cotton.

With excess comfort, terry cotton provides side pockets, plus adjustable drawstring within. The shorts are likewise designed specifically for bodybuilding with “’ 5” 7” 9” inseam.

The dimensions of the shorts are such that they are great for your legs in the gym, and with much ease of use.


  • The shorts are not flimsy whatsoever.
  • The French Terry Cotton fits tightly.
  • The shorts are just great for working out.


  • The front seam divides the scrotum, which somehow makes it uncomfortable.

COOFANDY Men’ Gym Workout Shorts Weightlifting Squatting Short Fitted Training Bodybuilding Jogger with Pockets

Whether you are a beginner or professional, you will have no complaint with COOFANDY. With a drawstring closure, this workout short is hewn out of 5% spandex and 95% polyester.

These gym shorts are lightweight, comfortable and stretchy with a fabric blend, besides a prompt dry technology which eases training.

You don’t have to think much about your workout gadgets because the short brings home two sized pockets where you safely keep your mp3 or phone.

The shorts are designed with some soft touch that ensures there’s no scratching effect in your body.


  • The perfect short to showcase your muscular legs, besides offering comfort.
  • The short is very soft and smooth, making it awesome for both pros and newbie.


  • The zipper pockets tend to scratch your hands if you don’t handle them with care.

Neleus Men’s Lightweight Workout Running Athletic Shorts with Pockets

With mesh lining, Neleus offers elastic closure on a 100% polyester mesh fabric. The short provides pockets on the convenient sides, especially when storing your gadgets.

In the same manner, Neleus is an odor-resistant that is chemically tested within a range of maximum strength.

With this type of short, you are in a position to cope with all seasons of training, and not forgetting the adjustable internal drawstring for convenience.


  • Fits you greatly.
  • The shorts are pretty comfortable.
  • They are thick and durable because of the long-lasting materials.


  • It’s too tight

Under Armour Men’s Tech Mesh Shorts

With this type of Powerlifting short, you are guaranteed of high-quality material, made from polyester at 100%. 

The imported short has an elastic closure, and comes from a wicks sweat material and is easy to dry. In the same manner, it provides open hand pockets, with an additional advantage in that; it’s an all-season short.

With an external drawcord, Under Armour is an anti-odor technology short that does away with the growth of any microbe which may cause any odor growth.

Finally, the all-over mesh is breathable and soft enough for your body thus won’t cause any skin problem to your legs.


  • The shorts offer great comfort.
  • The Tech Mesh Shorts comes from high-quality material.
  • It perfectly fits you.


  • With the shorts, you’ll need underpants since they are see-through types of shorts.

ToughMode Women’s Booty Short Sports Running Shorts Yoga Training Shorts

Powerlifting is easy with this type of short that comes with a top-quality workout. 

To deliver the perfect unparalleled free movement of the body, the short provides long side slits for that purpose.

ToughMode is ultra lightweight and comes from spandex fabric and wicking polyester. It is likewise breathable and super comfy and enhances the movement of our body.

The Women’s Booty short is stylish black with no obstacle and eases your focus on training. 

Not forgetting the side slits, these running sports are ideal for basketball, cardio, gym work-out, and intense squatting.


  • They are very light and fit perfectly.
  • They have the perfect body feel and super lightweight.
  • Great comfortable band waist which is snug.


  • Depending on one’s body, the short may be oversized.
a woman at the gym

Final Thoughts on the Best Powerlifting Shorts

With the numerous best selling Powerlifting shorts in the market, it may be somehow difficult to identify the best of the best.

However, with these, you are confident of the perfect pair whether you are a pro or a beginner in the Powerlifting field. Now you have it all, it’s your turn.

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